To Vlog or to Blog, That is the Question


Click onto any social media server and you are met with a barrage of narcissistic teenagers, all who love the sound of their voice and where their opinion, which seems to count to hundreds of thousands of equally moronic people. Paid and backed by sponsorship to advertise the latest makeup, clothing line or bed mattress. No product is too big or too small to push onto their dedicated followers. The idea these millennials haven’t worked a proper job in their life is sickening – and we want in on it!

So for online sites working in the casino sector, like The Casino City faces the challenge of making its page known to gamblers looking for a free casino bonus or free games to play. The shame of this is that The Casino City is uniquely independent and not pushed by backers, if the casino is bad then you’ll know about it. But as we all wish to turn fortune into our own favor then we have to strip the shackles of niceties and unburden from moral consciousness and literally sell our soles to work in the advertising market because this is want vlogging is all about.

The market for online casino gaming is substantially high. Those looking to crack the codes and beat the odds always turn to those with past experience and knowledge. There are already a fair few sharing their gaming live and advice on YouTube and other channels like Twitch and Twitter.

Becoming the Best Online Casino Vlogger

Now we all know about the success of the king of morons Logan Paul, online gamer turned millionaire overnight, with 17 million YouTube Followers and recently set up a Twitch channel with 200,000 followers and hasn’t even posted anything yet. This is the level to get to, be it by keeping your brain and decency.

The success of online vlogging is not so much about the content it’s rather about presenting a persona for people to aspire too. This is where all sensibilities have to shut down and turn yourself into a character for all to envy and wish to be. Now the market for visual representation is leading the way, bloggers are now a dying breed, only left to niche sites, though can still bring in a pretty penny. Vlogging takes the sale to a whole new level. So where to begin?

Laptop, Editing Suit, Camera, and a Casino. These are the only essential tools you’d require, the format is simple – just rip off the others but bring your own unique twist to the game. Other vloggers include Jimbo Casino, The Bandits Slot Channel, Casino Daddy, David Labowsky Casino Streamer, Lets give it a Spin, just to name a few of the tacky offers available. Streaming a live casino game and winning can be huge business. The market for Poker right now is massive, yet the most popular online casino game is the Jackpot slots. There are vloggers out there that even have subscribers sending them money to play with, just to see what happens.

Find your market, suck up to other vloggers and build an online casino empire!

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