What Are The Most Popular Vaping Devices Of 2017?

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If there’s a big trend that has carried from 2016 into 2017 and continued to grow in strength, its vaping and the use of e-cigarettes.  The system of using these products to help smokers reduce their tobacco cigarette intake and even quit entirely has been recognized by health professionals and experts around the world.  So, if you are considering trying to reduce or quit your tobacco intake, you need to know about the most popular vaping devices and here are some of the top products.

Vaping pens

Vaping pens or e-cigarettes are the most popular style of vaping device currently available and there are hundreds of different models and styles to choose from.  The first generation of vaping pens were relatively small with limited capacity and lifespan but the newer models are larger, with bigger batteries and larger capacities.  They even come in a range of colors for the style conscious.

Starter kits are a great way to go if you have never used a vaping device before.  Products such as the Innokin Smartbox Starter Kit offers color options, good capacity and ease of use for new starters to vaping.  It is also easy to get refills for these products once you have used the liquid in the kit.

Vape mod

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Vape mods offers more control than the standard e-cigarette and come in two main categories – variable and mechanical.  Variable or VV Mods, allow users to alter the voltage or wattage on the device to produce more or less vapor.  Mechanical mods are ones for the real vape enthusiast and have no circuitry within them so the battery connects straight to the coil and create more vapor than other styles of device.

The Apollo Nano Micro Kit is an example of the new micro mod style that is just 3.5 inches tall but still has 50W maximum power output and full temperature control.  It offers a compact and portable style of vaping mod that looks great and can offer a few hours of vaping easily.

Novel styles

If you like the idea of vaping but aren’t so keen on the vaping pen look, then a product such as the JUUL by Pax offers a novel style with plenty of great features.  It looks like a USB pen drive and uses nicotine salts to provide a more satisfying vape.  It is also easy to use and there is an simple battery level check at the top of the device.

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