Top 5 Study Hacks for University Students


Many people can agree that it is possible to count the number of students that love studying at any level in school. The other [countless] ones find it hard, dull, or some other undesirable thing. Well, there is always a way or two in improving such scenarios. In this case, doing something beyond the normal is one way. Here are the top 5 study hacks for university students to help them with their schooling.

  1. Keep distractions away

During study time, keep anything that diverts your attention as far as you can from you. The biggest culprit is your phone. Could you turn it off or keep it far from you? Research shows that if you are distracted for a minute, it takes 15 minutes to refocus on what you have been doing.

  1. Use an unfamiliar scent.

This hack seems weird, but it works. So, while studying, spray a new scent around you. The keyword is ‘new’ or ‘unfamiliar.’ Then, pour it as you are about to take a test or exam. This will jog your memory, and you will recall much of what you had been studying as the scent hung around you.

  1. Study early in the day

This should not be a hack because people hear about it all the time. However, since they ignore it a lot, they need a reminder to become a top student. In the wee hours of the day, the brain is fresh and will most likely absorb much of what you study. Avoid studying in the evening or at night when the mind is tired.

  1. Make an after-study treat before studying.

Here is another weird but working tip. Do not be surprised that it made it to university students’ top 5 study hacks. Before studying, make or create a treat that you will enjoy after exploring. This could be baking a cake, opening a can of your favorite crisps, or setting your favorite series ready to watch. This will motivate you to study, and you will not even get tired or bored.


  1. Take breaks in between your study.

One mistake that we make while studying is pushing ourselves too much. To learn well, plan to look for some time then take breaks between the sessions. Eat a snack, take a walk, or do some exercises. This refreshes your brain, keeping it in high-working mode.

Well, there you have them: 5 study hacks to improve things for you. Applying them will significantly improve your studying experience from the usual boredom and burnout.

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