Increase Your Concentration and Productivity with Earplugs


Have you even been studying in your dorm room and lost your attention and concentration because your friends at the next room were laughing, singing, and listening to heavy metal music? Earplugs can tune them out, and your mind inward.


Students and career executives suffer from noise and other constant interruptions. Fact: we are interrupted at work – an average of once every three-minutes. Our mind get used to being diverted from focused attention and deep concentration.

Distractions break our machine of thought, and actually reduce our personal efficiency. Some research concludes habitual distractions cause a drop in our IQ up to 10%. Get this: Every time your mind is diverted from your present task, it takes up to 15 minutes to get back into your original Zone (flow). It is called Regressions, is habit-forming and dumb us down.

Soon you become a procrastinator, and lose up to 50% of your Attention-Span. Paying attention to everything is the same as concentrating on nothing. What is a practical, easy and cheap solution? You guessed it: earplugs.

Distractions lead to chronic stress, which affect our long-term memory, inability to comprehend complex text, and loss of self-esteem. Many complain of a negative state-of-mind, bad mood, and loss of productivity. What about our competence?

Stress and distractions cause your executive competence to drop up to 15%, enough to lose out on your next promotion. Students at college complain of fade-out on exams, anxiety and the agony of Information-Overload.

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How Earplugs works

Did you know that some of the best ear plugs out there can immediately improve your attention span and concentration up to 33%? That is a noticeable change from distracted thinking to being in your zone focused on learning, remembering, and being creative.

Earplugs have the power to turn your mind inward instead of permitting you to listen and react to random sounds in your environment. Ideas appear to reward those wearing Earplugs and avoid folks who are easily distracted

Secret of White Noise

White Noise. When you slip on your plugs you do not get sleepy and disoriented, but move into deep Beta consciousness, between 7-14 cycles per second. Your brain rhythms vibrate to screen out noise, and to trigger (cue) your PFC (Prefrontal Cortex) for analysis, synthesis (combining ideas), and connectedness.

Technically White Noise is a frequency produced by electronics. It is a combination of all the tones into one. Wait! White Light takes all the color frequencies (rainbow) and combines them into one. Same idea.

Earplugs close the auditory canal and leave us with our personal Zone of silence. Best of all, there are no side effects from using plugs up to 16 hours daily. Just wash them, remove the wax from your ears, and concentrate..

Close Your Door

Seeing other folks moving around is a visual distraction, one that breaks up your attention and comprehension. Music – Classical to Elevator tunes – cause us to
lose our mental focus. Group study works only when everyone agrees to be silent and productive until the end of the session.

Our Mirror Neurons cause us to want to imitate the activities of those we watch. It is a bio-distraction. Learning requires silence and the lack of activity around you.

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