5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Logo

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If you are contemplating designing a logo for your business, you likely have already read a considerable number of recommendations. What you also need to be aware of is what to avoid when you are designing a logo for your business. There are five primary mistakes that you want to avoid making when it comes to designing a logo for your enterprise.

The reality is that a surprising number of businesses fail to avoid this mistakes when it comes to their log design. On some level, this explains why a considerably number of enterprises don’t have vibrant, compelling, or memorable logos.

Do Not Use Stock Art

A shocking number of businesses turn to stock art when it comes to their logos. Some even go so far as to snatch something in the public domain off the internet to serve as the centerpiece for their logo. Others use self-help logo services on the internet and download graphics for a low cost. These are graphics that are not exclusively set aside to a particular business, but will end up being used multiple times in logos and elsewhere.

If you are ever looking for a place to cut costs in marketing, that place is not in regard to the graphics used for your business’ logo. You will be well served by spending a bit of money to have unique graphics for your logo. Moreover, you will be able to obtain uniquely designed graphics for your logo at a price that won’t break the proverbial bank in the process.

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Avoid Following Trends

When designing a logo, you want to end up with something that not only catches attention today but will continue to do so into the future. You want a design for your logo that stands the test of time.

With this in mind, when it comes to designing a logo, a major mistake you want to avoid is following current trends. The reality is that for every logo designed with a passing trend in mind that endures, dozens of others become meaningless clich├ęs.

You absolutely do want to visit different logo design websites and ascertain what designs are trending right now. You want to make these visits in order to determine what to avoid when it comes to designing your own logo.

Target Anticipated Clients or Customers

An understandably common mistake made in the design of logos involves the matter of the intended audience. Logic dictates that a logo design should have the desired client or customer utmost in mind. What actually happens oftentimes is that the taste of the designer or of the principal of a business becomes the guide for the design.

The reality is that neither a logo designer nor ever the principal of a business is likely to be the epitome of the intended prospective client, of the person the logo is intended to reach. In the end, a logo must be designed to please prospective business patrons above all else. You brand for customers and not to satisfy some sort of internal objective, even if that objective involves pleasing the business’ owner above attracting clients or customers.

Avoid a Complex Logo

Keep your logo simple. Avoid creating something complex. Complex logos typically fail to capture a consumer’s attention. Simplicity is what usually grabs and keeps attention.

Another problem associated with complex logos is that they are not versatile. A complex design is more apt to lose its shape and necessary features when it is utilized in different surfaces. Logo versatility is a paramount objective.

For example, some people are gaining ground in brand development and related issues by including their business logos on items like custom USB flash drives. These are flash drives that come complete with a business’ logo.

Avoid Raster Images

When designing a logo, you should avoid utilizing what are known as raster images. Raster images can cause issues associated with reproduction.

Raster images consist of pixels, which are prone to distortion when zoomed to larger sizes. You certainly want your logo to look crisp in any size. You don’t want to lose that focus when you enlarge your logo.

Rather than utilize raster images, you should turn to vector graphics in the design of your logo. A vector graphic maintains its visual consistency, no matter the size. this is because a vector graphic has precise points as opposed to pixels. In addition, vector graphic software provides greater potential for editing, something which is not available with raster images and associated editing applications.


Jessica Kane is a writer for Every USB, where you can create your very own custom usb drive for your brand or company.

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