What Younger Men Should Expect When Dating Older Women

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Dating older women can be exciting and intriguing, but it is very different to dating someone of a similar age. A mature woman has lived a bit; she’s usually loved and lost, and she tends to know exactly what she wants out of a relationship.

If you’re about to date an older woman for the first time, it’s important to be prepared for what lies ahead. To give your new relationship the best chance possible of success, it’s important to understand what makes a mature lady tick.

She’ll probably have her own life

An older woman will probably have had many different jobs and experiences over the years. As a result, she’ll probably have her own social circles, close friendships, and a career that is important to her. All of this means she’s likely to have a very full and active life — and you will need to respect that. You may not be the centre of your older woman’s universe, so don’t put too much pressure on her to spend time with you.

She’ll be fiercely independent

Your older woman has probably been through more than one failed relationships. She’ll have been forced to forge through on her own — an experience that will have made her stronger and fiercely independent. While your initial instinct may be to protect her, don’t be surprised if she’s the one who wants to do the protecting. Cougars are often strong and influential people, so be prepared to take a backseat when it comes to the big decisions in life.

She won’t worry about the opinions of others

Your mature woman has probably made her fair share of mistakes over the years. She’ll know the consequences of missed opportunities and wasted time, and she’ll be determined to make herself happy. She’ll do what she wants, when she wants, and she won’t give a second’s thought to the opinions of others — including yours. Whether you agree with her choices or not, it’s probably best to keep your opinions to yourself!

She probably won’t need you

The cougars and MILFs registered at dating sites such as Milf Area are usually looking for fun and adventure. They are not looking for someone to take care of them, or to support them in any way. For some men, this character trait can be a little intimidating. A lot of the mature ladies looking for younger men are more interested in sex than in long-term relationships. Once they’ve gotten what they need, some will simply start searching for someone else. Prepare yourself for disappointment, and never assume that your older woman needs any man.

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Assertiveness in the bedroom

This is where things get exciting. Yes, older ladies can be intimidating, but they also know their way around the bedroom. Particularly if you like to be dominated during sex, dating cougars can be as exciting as it is enlightening. Why does this happen? Well, older ladies have often spent a lifetime pleasing previous partners. They have reached a stage in their life where they want to be pleasured in the bedroom. They know exactly what they want, and if you’re not prepared to put the effort in, these strong and fiercely independent women will look for a guy who will.

She’ll probably have different interests and priorities

While it is always nice to share interests with a partner, your older woman is likely to want very different things out of life. While you might want to pursue sports and socialise, a mature lady might want to continually broaden her horizons through culture, art and travel. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having different interests, but you should be prepared to spend a lot of your free time apart from one another. However, if you’re open-minded and willing to try new things, there’s no reason why your cougar’s interests can’t become your interests over time.

Dating older women can be daunting for someone without a great deal of life experience. However, a significant age gap can sometimes intimidate the most virile and masculine of men. But the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. Mature ladies are sexually liberated, confident and assertive — attributes that can add a very exciting dimension to a relationship.

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