How Your Workspace Can Affect Productivity

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January is now underway which means the majority of us should have settled back into work. The first month back after Christmas is normally the hardest of the year with most of us having time off over Christmas and the January blues well and truly taking over us. The first day back at work can be difficult after having a week of lie-ins and enjoying the festive season, but it doesn’t take us long to get back into the swing of things.

As much as we try and motivate ourselves and be as productive as possible, it can be hard when payday feels like forever away and there’s not much to look forward to. What most of us aren’t aware of is that the environment we work in can have a massive effect on our productivity.

So, what factors can affect how productive we are?

The space we work in

Working in a spacious area may seem obvious but when you’re workstation is cluttered it can really affect your productivity, as it’s a big distraction. If you work within a large workforce then it’s a good idea to have a sort out every now and again, as well as filing away any important documents so everything else can be thrown away.

Sometimes there’s only so much clearing out you can do and if your workforce is expanding then it may be time to relocate. If you’re unsure of what workspace you’re after then you may want to consider a workshop for rent from Pall Mall Estates or a company who can offer similar buildings.

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Office design & furniture

A large number of us spend most of our working day behind a desk which can take its toll on our bodies. Not having the correct furniture can result in aching joints and muscles so it’s important to have the right chair, desk and screen raisers to help support your posture.

Although you may not think it, the colours around us have an effect on our mood and productivity. Depending on what industry you work in this can be used to your advantage. For anyone with a creative job it’s a good idea to have inspiring colours and images around you. Coloured walls, postcards and cut-outs can help your brain to function and hopefully make your more productive.

Let there be light

Not having the correct lighting within our place of work can really affect how productive we are. Working in an office with low quality lighting can cause headaches and fatigue, resulting in low energy levels and not much work getting done.

As well as making sure the lights inside the building are of a good quality, open a window and draw the blinds. Letting in natural light and fresh air is good for the mind and body and will make you feel more energised.

We all want to be as productive as possible during our working hours. Above are just some of the ways in which we can increase productivity and resist the urge to fall asleep at our desk.

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