Why slots with a bonus are the best

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There is a growing demand for online slots, especially since we have all needed to stay at home and find alternatives to the things we used to do outside. Playing casino games is an excellent thing to do, as it is fun, exciting, and can be a great form of relaxation, depending on what you play and how you play it. 

However, even the best online slots with the most interesting themes can become stale over time – click to deposit. People are always going to want more eventually, and they might be put off slots which, when all is said and done, are pretty much all the same once you strip away their decorations and themes. 

This is where bonuses come in. The bonus games on slots are how they can be differentiated from one another, and how they can become a lot of fun once more. Let’s look at them more closely. 


The biggest reason why slot games with bonuses are considered the best is the excitement they bring. The standard game of slots is just an automated game where you press one button and everything else is left to chance. In the bonus game, there is usually a lot more to it, and you often need to use specific gaming skills to play. 

This is exactly how the developers are able to make their games different – and ideally more exciting – than the next, giving them the chance to become much more well known and for their games to do well. Plus the players get the added benefit of better gaming experiences. 

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When you play a game of slots, it’s a game of luck. You might win, you might not, but you won’t have any say in the matter. This is why bonus games are intriguing because they’re different. What also makes the bonus games more fun is the fact that this is usually where you can win the bigger prizes, so if you’re keen to try winning a life changing amount, the bonus game is the place to do it. 

The truth is, on the most up to date slots, the biggest wins are sure to come from the bonus games rather than the standard one (although you can’t predict a win even if you are playing the bonus game, of course). 


When you win something on a game of slots, most prizes are cash ones. The RTPs on the majority of slots range from around 95% to 98%, and this is what will give you the chances of receiving back your initial stake (so in a game with an RTP of 98%, for every £100 you put in, you’ll get £98 back out). The probabilities of you actually winning the jackpot, however, are very small, even when you’re playing a game with a high RTP. 

But the bonus game will offer you the chance not just to win back the money you put in, but to win much more too, including the huge jackpots that some slot games offer. It’s no wonder that games with bonuses included are the ones that are going to gain most attention and be the most popular.

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