Who’s Your Boss?

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When you start working for a company, you might think about the person in control. The head of the business, the boss. Who is this individual and how will they affect your life from now on? Well, that answer may well surprise you. On this post, we’re going to look at the individual most likely at the head of your business. We’ll think about the role that they play in your life, what you need to know about them and the type of traits that they might have. As well as that, we’re going to examine some of the key things you can expect from your boss and the things you shouldn’t.

Meeting The Boss


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It may shock you to know that if you work in big business, you might never meet the boss. You can think of them as the Wizard of Oz. You know there’s someone behind that curtain, but you’ll never actually see them or interact. This is usually the case in bigger businesses because there is an established order of command. So, rather than answering to the boss, you’ll be answering to the head of your floor. Or even the head of your department. You might see your boss walking through the office, but you won’t get to talk to them. They might talk to you. But only in a way that a rockstar talks to you at a concert. It won’t be an individual interaction.

In some cases, the boss of your business might have an open door policy. But again, this might not mean that you get a chance to speak to them. Particularly, if you’re not at a high level in the company. In fact, it’s entirely possible that you’ll be able to voice your concerns to your chain of command. They will then present the issues to the head of your business.

The Head Of The Company?

It worth exploring whether the man or woman in the head office is the head of your business. In most cases, this probably isn’t true. Instead, there will be a board of directors. These will be people who you will most likely, never meet unless you become one yourself. But these key individuals have a lot of say in your personal fate. They won’t decide whether you are specifically kept on or let go. But they will decide on cutbacks in the company, and this could include your position. They are also in charge of making changes to the structure of your business. Don’t forget though that these directors typically have to answer to the demands of investors. So, even then we have not yet reached the top of the food chain in your business.

The Traits Of Your Boss


Bosses of companies have certain traits. But it’s important to realize that they may not be experts in your industry. There is no guarantee that they have worked their way up the ladder from where you are today. Rather, they could have simply bought a business that they knew was profitable. They could then hire experts to inform them where to take it and the best plan of action moving forward. While you may think that the boss is making key decisions in your company, this isn’t always the case. Typically, business is sectioned. The head of those sections is making the important decisions. In some cases, the head of that sector pushes decisions down to the workers as well. So it’s possible that you as an employee are making decisions altering the shape of your company.

Aside from that bosses usually, will be willing to take risks in business. This is how they have reached the top of the industry. You should be prepared that one day a boss might decide to evolve or adapt the business model you have been working with.

What Is The Boss Responsible For?

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Well, the simple answer is you and anyone else in the company. As we have already established, the boss might not be making the biggest decisions in the business. But one responsibility they do have is the safety and welfare of their employees. This accountability is always held over the business owner. You might be wondering what this means for you.

If you are injured on the premises of your business, your boss is legally accountable. This means that they can be sued for a personal injury claim. You will win the claim if it’s proved that the accident could have been prevented by actions of the business owner. This could include knowing that the hazard was there. Or, employing people to fix issues such as this one.

But it’s not just physical dangers that the business owner is accountable for. They are also expected to make sure that their workers feel safe and to an extent, happy. There should be no cases of discrimination, actions of prejudice or any form of bullying in your company. Many employees are scared to come forward when they feel this behavior is occurring in their business. You should realize that a business owner can not retaliate against an employee bringing up an issue like this. If they do, a retaliation attorney can help you understand your rights. Rest assured; you can not be fired, and if you were, you would have a strong case.

Getting Noticed

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You should make it an aim working in business to get noticed by your boss. This is how you will rise the ranks and make leaps in your career. The best way to do this is by going into work and each day and completing your work to the best of your ability. Not only that, you should be trying to use your initiative. A key way to get noticed is to bring forward ideas to improve the business and the company model. You just need to be careful that someone higher up doesn’t claim an idea that was yours and take credit. This can be tricky when there is a structure of superiority. You just have to try to make sure you bring your idea to someone that you can trust.

We hope this article has helped you better understand your boss and the role they have in your business.

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