When in Rome, Eat as the Romans do

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When travelling the globe, we all want to make sure that we get the full experience of the places we are visiting. We spend time researching historical monuments, find the best restaurants the country has to visit, and even what the best tourist hotspots are. But for a better vacation, maybe we need to take a step back, and do things the right way. So, let’s go to Rome.

Rome is a city rich with culture, history, amazing sights, and even better food. So yes take advantage of that. Go visit the Colosseum, marvel at the Pantheon, and even venture into Vatican City. But after you’re done with that, ask some of the locals where their favorite place to visit is. They might be hesitant at first, but if you can get them to open up, even a little bit, your vacation will be that much better.


Some of the locals will be deep rooted in their beliefs and maybe slightly hostile towards tourists, but others will be happy to share their home with you, to show you something other than what gets put on the brochures, and maybe even tell you their favorite place to eat, so it’s worth it to make that effort. Even trying to learn the language will be a big help to you. If you butcher one word, they’ll help you master it.

Taking the time to pay attention to the world around you is a big benefit it a vacation, because then you get so much more than what you paid for. Including food. If you want to go to the top rated restaurants that are overpriced for smaller portions, feel free. But there are other options out there. Asking people where they like to eat is one, but there is another.


There is a way to have dinner with local people , in their own homes. This experience will grant you a new door to how you vacation. These locals are willing to open their home and give you completely authentic Italian food, as well as a cultural experience you would have a hard time finding out of a brochure.

So next time that you decide to visit a new country, take time to do some more digging. See if you can find experiences with the locals to give you a richer vacation, and countless memories to look back on.



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