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People are already looking forward to the summer season. As the memorial week has just passed, people look forward to good summer vacations with short Fridays and long weekends. This surely will be a sigh of relief for the IT professionals.

This is because time and again, the IT professionals seem to have been attacked by bad news of ransomware attacks, data breaches, and other unwanted activities which have been taking place in the cyber domain of the legal industry.

Security breaches in various sectors can be bad but it is something to pay attention to within the legal sector as well. The right experts, like those at the Shirvanian Law Firm know about the importance of security when it comes to the legal domain.

If you are interested in learning more about the legal industry, data breaches, and how it can affect the legal setting in the present era, here is what you need to know.

The Data Breaches Seem To Be On the Rise

This year has not been a good one as there have been many data breaches in the law firm sector. Although the more minor and middle-sized enterprises think they are safe from data breaches, little do they know that the size of the firm or industry does not matter. Instead, the customers they serve count the most.

In addition to this, the clients the firm serves and the lack of security in the firm are the basics the cyber criminals look for when data breaching occurs. Moreover, the data breaches compromised the private information of many customers. Hence, the companies should ensure that customers’ data is protected enough and there is absolutely no third-party involvement as it leads to the risk of data breaching.

Data breaches through cyber criminals are not seasonal; there is no evidence that these attacks will reduce during summer. In response to the ABA survey, one out of four respondents faced a data breach in their lifetime. In addition to this, out of all the firms, only 36 percent of the firms had a backup plan to counter the problem.

Legally, the firm should inform the legal authorities and the customers of the breach within 30 to 60 days, but it usually takes 74 or more days to tell. However, still, there are some precautions and steps the industries and the companies can take. These steps include enhancing the technology and cyber security measures. Moreover, incident response plans should also be introduced.

Finally, methods like endpoint detection, two-factor authentication, and end response technology should be introduced and implemented to prevent these data breaches.

Newer technologies should be introduced to protect customers’ data as it is easy to go beyond firewalls and other protective measures.

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Security is Critical in The Legal Industry

The legal industry is one that helps to keep order within the land and this means that it is a sector that we must take seriously. Now, taking it seriously means that we will have to protect it in the digital realm as well.

Remember that protecting it in the digital sector is even more vital because of how the world is changing.

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