Why training manuals are important


In every job there is somebody more experienced teaching the new hires the proper etiquette for the desired position. They went through the same process when they were first hired, and more likely than not somewhere nearby is a stack of papers that lays out step by step how to do things. Training manuals may seem like they are useless, but just wait until you realize how important they are.

As per human nature, there is a need to show independence and all things wise. Actions like asking for directions, or following instructions on how to build a dresser from IKEA are not strong qualities in that independence. But when it comes to on the job training, manuals like that are necessary. Being able to wing how to put a car engine together for example, isn’t something that comforts people. They want trained professionals that follow the book when it comes to putting every last bolt in the correct spot.

With such importance as these, even the low stress actions have a manual on how to do them. In the food industry, there are steps to plating meals, and in retail, step by step instructions on how to run the cash register. Have you ever stopped to think about just how much work goes into making sure these manuals are available just for them to be tossed aside for word of mouth training, until something goes horribly wrong?

Places across the globe are responsible for printing these materials, and while the paper cost might make you cringe, there are environmentally friendly efforts going into them. The Print Group for example make it possible to digitally create whatever it is you’re looking for. And if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, each account has a personal manager that makes sure all your business needs are met.

The irony of all this is that they probably have their own training materials to train their associates on how to handle all of the orders and maintain a professional air with clients. So next time you are getting ready to toss aside that freshly printed training material, make sure you look at it. They’re more important that you could ever know.

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