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If you love a good table-top game of Poker, then why not try Poker online? All the fun and excitement of the game that you love, but with the added extra enjoyment of getting to stay in the comfort of your own home! Read on to find out about some of our top picks for the best online Poker games around.

10 Line Jacks or Better

With this game, the fun starts at a reasonable £2.50, throwing your hat into the ring for a chance to win the progressive jackpot on offer. You can set your bets at anywhere from £0.25 to £1.25, but any bet will then be multiplied by 10, reflecting the game’s title – the highest bet being £12.50. You have the chance to increase your bet throughout the game, upping your overall wager and therefore offering bigger wins, with 10 chances to win every time! Instead of five cards each hand, you will actually receive 50. So, it’s all to play for!

As well as fixed payouts for standard Poker hands, there is also the opportunity to walk away with a lucrative progressive jackpot, if you make sure that you multiply your bets by five. If you hit a royal flush on your first line bet, aiming for the jackpot, then you could win as much as 4,000 coins on each of the remaining lines, if additional winning combinations follow suit. There are so many ways to win in this game, you’d be silly to let yourself miss out!

Joker Poker

Slap on your winning smile, and take a virtual seat at this jolly old Poker table, with all to play for, and even more to win! In this game you will be given one hand, but five ways to bet – equalling a simple and affordable way to play. First, you must set your stakes somewhere between £0.05 and £10.00, to get the ball rolling. The software in this game will keep an eye on your dealings and choices, so you’ll also be guaranteed not to miss out on any wins that you’re owed.

Get your brain in gear, and make all the right moves, if you want to be in with a chance of winning up to 5,000x your original stake. To do this, we recommend that you aim for one of the following hands:

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  • A pair of kings, or better, for up to 5x your stake
  • Two Pair for another 5x your wager
  • Three of a kind will get you up to 10x your initial bet
  • A Straight run will land you up to 15x your stake
  • Get a Flush for up to 25x your first bet
  • A Full House will add up to 35x your bet to your wallet
  • Four of a Kind will equal up to 85x your bet
  • A Straight Flush boasts an impressive 250x your stake
  • The Joker Royal Flush, with the Joker as the wild, will give you up to 500x
  • Five of a kind (with the Joker wild) will give you up to 1,000x your first wager
  • A natural Royal Flush (without any help from the Joker) will get you up to 5,000x your initial stake.

With the Joker stepping in to lend a hand, its easy to see why this game rose in popularity, since it was first released!

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