Skrill vs Paypal Gambling Slots

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The era of cashless transactions is finally upon, and It is growing by the minute. We now find that almost anyone or businesses can transfer, receive, and save funds via online financial platforms such as e-wallets, apps, and many other financial institutions. Businesses have largely embraced this financial transaction method as it brings about ease in dealings with customers and other activities that would have been much of an issue. Even the casino is not left out in this new age development – view Sweet Bonanza RTP here.

For the sake of specificity, we have several online financial institutions that function in saving/transfer of funds which you can check out later in your leisure. Still, we would be talking about Skrill and Paypal in terms of casino slots.

PayPal vs Skrill: What You Need To Know

PayPal is quite popular when it comes to common regular financial transactions. Almost everyone has probably heard of it, and a lot of people use it. But, when it comes to casino slots, we find that Skrill has the upper hand as it’s a more popular option than PayPal.  

PayPal offers 25 currencies for both deposit and withdrawal of money and users have just two options of an account: personal or business accounts. 

Skrill, on the other hand, while providing access for the opening of just one account, a user can save their money in up to 4 currencies. For deposits and withdrawals, Skrill offers up to 41 currencies.

Priority is placed on Skrill by online casinos to allow for players coming in from different countries. 

With no deposit fee being charged on both Skrill and PayPal,

PayPal cuts a 2.9% total withdrawal with 0.30USD while Skrill charges 3.95 EUR on users’ total withdrawal. They also charge 1.9% on transfers between multiple accounts, while Paypal doesn’t.

Skrill takes up to 24 hours to process withdrawal into the user’s account. 

PayPal processes withdrawal sometimes immediately but most lately at 2hours. And if you’ve withdrawn from your casino via PayPal once, the withdrawal transaction will be processed a lot faster.

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Special Deals

You get VIP deals when you spend a large amount of funds in the first four months of the year from Skrill. With this special program, you get to receive promotions, lower costs, special security, and around-the-clock dedicated support.

For PayPal, points are gained by using the PayPal Card to carry out transactions. There are no special VIP treatments parse.

Points gained by the user are redeemed for gifts, cash-back, products, and travel tickets as well.

Bonuses are also available from the casino but most times highly dependent on the choice of payment, so it’s advisable to choose the favoured method if you’re looking to get some bonuses from the casino. 


In the long run, When it comes to playing at online casinos, ensure that your choice of the slot to be used is approved by all of the respected brands you want to play. 

If there’s one thing that is most important in the mind of a gamer, especially when choosing a slot, it is the ease in deposit and withdrawal of cash. Both PayPal and Skrill have their strengths and few weaknesses in this area, as we’ve analyzed in this article, and it all depends on the user’s preference and convenience at the end of the day. 

Also, to note, registration and signup are quite easy on both platforms as all you need to do is fill in the necessary details required of you. Skrill usually takes up to 24hours to verify your account, while Paypal may take up to two days.

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