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Students who are on a budget might find it difficult to pursue an education in the modern time. For the reason that they fail to afford a lot of things including tutors and books. However, people forget a very important thing – the best things in life don’t cost anyone a dime of money. Study apps are for free as well. You will just have to find the right app for your study.

These apps along with the case study writing service will make studying easy. The apps will be useful regardless of your mode of study. You might be pursuing traditional education or distance education, the apps will be handy no matter what. Here are some of the applications that help students pursue their study.

iTunes University 

This is a famous app among the students. It comes with a lot of curriculum wealth, namely course material. These materials can be used by the students of the top colleges. This app contains a lot of study materials from the top schools and colleges. If you don’t find your school study material here, you will surely find something similar here. This can be used only by the iOS users.

iStudiez Lite

This is another popular study app which helps students get their desired education without trouble. Using this app, you will be able to organize your semester courses. However, you will have to pay for the maximum benefit of the application. If you use the free version, you will only get the basic help including single semester assistance up to five courses. After using the app if you like it – you will be able to buy the paid version.

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Exam Vocabulary Builder

Millions of students use this application to improve their vocabulary and English skill. People use this app for various reasons. If you want to improve your English Proficiency, this is the best app to opt for. You will find organized features here. You will also find multiple modes here including – quiz, flashcards and vocabulary assistance.


This app helps you study and have some me-time as well. Through this app you can learn at your own preferred pace. You will have to sign up to get the maximum benefits. Once you are registered, you will get the study materials which will help you study and score high. Coursera comes in the form of a website as well. If you like you can opt for the website to study.

Google Drive

Using Google drive you can do wonder. You can use this app for taking notes, you can use it to draw diagrams, and you can also use this for presentation. This is an assortment of multiple applications. It offers cloud storage space to the users. However, if you run out of the storage space, you can pay money to buy some more space to use. You can sign up for free if you have a Gmail address.

There are other study applications which you can use to study and get vocabulary help. However, you need to do some research before installing the app. Make sure all your required features are available.

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