Things You Need To Know About Sustainable Floristry

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We all appreciate flowers because of the value that they add to our lives. For instance, we can have flowers around the house or outside of the house in the ground itself. At the same time, women appreciate flowers from mothers to potential dates.

Flowers have helped to bring about more joy as we go outside and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Flowers are a part of every celebration. However, the path flowers usually follow from where they originate to where they are used as decor is harmful. This is because flowers are usually grown with harmful chemicals and are not provided with good transportation. Hence, many florists are working towards sustainable floristry.

This is where the right certificate 3 floristry can also come into play as more professionals learn about the world of floristry.

Of course sustainable floristry is critical for a wide variety of reasons, let us take a look at a few of the reasons why it is essential.

What Is Sustainable Floristry?

Sustainable Floristry has many aspects.

One of the aspects of sustainable floristry is to get awareness that each flower has its season. Hence, every flower or botanical ingredient should only be sourced during its season.

Moreover, it’s about raising awareness about the background of your botanical ingredient or your flower; the origin, the growth, the place it comes from and the climate it prefers.

This way, you are supporting local farms as local farmers and their escorts or helpers that are the ones who are involved in harvesting and growth of these flowers.

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Ways To Make Floral Arrangements Eco-Friendly

Following are the ways you can cooperate with sustainable Floristry in your everyday flower decoration.

  • Inquire about sustainable options from your floral designer. You should always inquire about the sustainable ways your floral designer uses in the decoration. Most of the time, the floral designers use single-use plastic floral foam. This foam is hazardous and petroleum-based and also contributes to landfills. There are other better options, such as chicken wire, kubari, and plant-based material.
  • Shop local

Ask your shopkeeper to source from local farms. This is because these flowers from local farms have a longer vase life. Always ask for flowers which are in season. If your desired flower is not in season, ask for other alternatives similar to your desired flower.

  • Recycling Containers

When it comes to containers, you can be creative. You can rent containers rather than buy them. Moreover, you can also use other options such as bowls, recycled cans and repurposed water bottles as containers. Vintage crockery pieces can also serve as suitable containers.

  • Plant Your Flowers

The most sustainable way is to plant and harvest your flowers. You can grow plants in a vase if you don’t have a garden. Start with simple and easy-to-go flowers and then move to typical ones. You can also interplant with a few herbs like dill and basil.

  • Make your Garden sustainable

Whether you have a garden or are planting flowers in a vase, you can make either of them sustainable. To do so, water early morning to avoid evaporation, use organic fertilizers, use organic pests pest control methods, and connect with gardeners nearby to explore more sustainable tips.

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