Simple Tips To Avoid Traffic Tickets

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We have all been there.

Whether it was for driving frantically because of an emergency, for having a broken tail light without even knowing that we did, or mistakenly checking our mobile phone while driving.

It all ended up in the ever hated traffic violation.

While most people choose to argue, plead or cry their way out of traffic violations to no avail, there are those who put up a brave face and try to save the arguing for court.

However, seeing that most fines are well over $50, this seems like a risky decision to make.

The stakes get even higher when you get a fine that go upwards of the double digits, this is the time when you should start looking for legal help that comes in the form of specialized traffic lawyers Sydney who can contest the violation for you in front of a magistrate.

While all of that relates to situations when you have received a traffic violation, you could actually implement a few lifestyle changes to ensure that you steer clear of such dreadful instances.

Those lifestyle changes do not require you to purchase absurd items such as jade eggs (yes, those things exist), but are minor tweaks that would  prove to make your life easier in the long run.

Check Your Car’s Condition Every Two Days

This idea is not not necessarily about pressuring you to do a full service check on your car every other day, but rather to just ensure essential components such as your headlights, taillights and brakes are working properly.

You can do this routine after parking your car at the end of your day, just before your step into your home, this way you are making sure to account for potential risk in the present.

Pro tip: No need to do it every day, especially not on big days like your spouse’s birthday or your anniversary!

Be Assertive with your passengers

There are times when we are so engrossed in having fun with our loved ones that we forget to practice common safety (or common sense).

While it is hard to believe, it is quite usual for the passengers to forget getting their seatbelts on, especially when they are on a fun night out with a designated driver to do all the heavy lifting for the group.

If that unfortunate soul happens to be you, then don’t forget to make sure that all of your wasted party members have not forgotten this customary safety rule. According to the NSW Transport Roads & Maritime Services, the fine for passengers not wearing seat belts is slated at $330. So unless you want to waste that kind of money, practice being a stickler for traffic rules with your entourage.

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Leave Your Mobile Phone for Stationary Moments

We get it. Car selfies are fun. However, posting a Snapchat story from your garage right before you start or end your day is one thing; whereas, using the fun filters while you are in the driving seat is a totally different matter in general.

Getting distracted by your mobile device not only jeopardizes your own wellbeing, but also puts others around you in danger. Therefore, always practice safe driving and keep selfies, status updates and texting for when you are out of the car.

Practice Time Management

Running late from work or from attending a special occasion is one of the topmost reasons behind traffic violations arising from speeding. If you don’t want to be another statistic, then practice managing your time.

If possible, imagine scenarios where you are always 15 minutes later than the actual clock. This little psychological trick can help you accomplish your tasks on time.

Who knows, you might end up not leaving your most important tasks (like packing your lunch) for the last minute.

All In All, Try Your Hand at Being in Control

By applying these few changes to your everyday routine, you cannot only bring about positive change to your traffic merits, but can enjoy peace of mind in your day to day life.

While even the most proficient of us have fallen prey to traffic violations, try your best to not make life harder yourself or others. In the case you do find yourself with a traffic violation, always turn to the proper counsel to address your needs.

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