Starting a Career in the Transportation and Courier Industry


There are many different ways to start your career in the transportation and courier industry. As a career option, there are plenty of different roles and areas to get started in, plus once you get the hang of the industry, there’s lots of opportunity to move around and try out different roles. As an industry which works across a number of different sectors and ultimately helps to make the world go around, there’s endless opportunities to grow and progress, so it’s a great industry to start out a career in if you’re interested.


Here’s how you can get started with your career in the transport and courier industry today:

Decide on a Sector

There are many different roles within so the first step to starting your career is to find out which sector you’d like to work in. Supply, demand, and distribution all have a number of different roles within them. Whether you love driving and can’t wait to get out on the road moving things around, dropping people’s parcels off like the people at TNT or you love organizing people and want to be in charge of the yard where the lorries come in and out, identify what skills you have and have a good think about which areas of the industry would suit your personality best.


Get the right qualifications

Ensuring that you have the right qualifications for the role or working towards getting them is vital. By researching to find out what you need, you’ll be able to get started on learning new skills for the role. A lot of transport jobs require you to have a full clean driving licence and may even require you to undergo another test to be able to drive larger vehicles so bear this in mind. Some companies may allow you to get qualifications whilst on the job, so don’t be put off if you feel you’re lacking some important skills.

Look for schemes

Many of the big transport and logistics companies have apprenticeship and graduate schemes which can help you to get your career off to a flying start. Check their websites to see if there are any places or where to apply. By being involved in an apprentice or graduate scheme you’ll get a much more comprehensive overview of the industry as you’ll get to work across a number of different areas to find out which bits you enjoy the most.

Follow these tips to start your career in one of the most important industries in the world today.

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