SEO Marketing: Why Is It So Important to Your Business?

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You might think that you understand SEO, and that your knowledge therefore precludes you from needing any SEO services. But don’t they say that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing?

Here we look at SEO marketing, what it is, what it does and how effective it can be. We examine whether your business needs to consider it and whether it remains relevant in today’s marketplace. Having read the article, you should gain a greater understanding of ecommerce marketing and what role it has in your business. If you want to understand why it remains important, then read on…


Search Engine Optimization, is a bit of a mouthful, so let’s stick with SEO. Perhaps it has changed from the days when it was the prime ecommerce marketing tool; where getting to the optimal point (top) of search engine results lists was the key to success. Maybe it is now more about your business, the product and making others understand just why they need to be your clients. What follows are a number of reasons why you should still wish to engage SEO services.

1.         If it isn’t broke

SEO still works, in that provided you maintain high standards of client care, and give them the best experiences, then you’ll get a good resultant flow of traffic i.e. potential clients. An agency can help a lot with this.

2.         It won’t break

There is also little sign that this effectiveness is going to change. The need for searches using keywords will always bring up results which will include your business, if SEO services are done properly. Interest is great, but it is up to you to convert this into sales. It is however, a start.

3.         Cost

SEO services are still relatively cost effective in terms of creating custom for business. Whilst the use of Pay Per Click Service has increased, where clients are fed through to your landing pages, there is still interest generated through SEO, and moreover at a lower cost than PPC – where clicks/leads all cost the business, regardless of conversion.

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4.         Giants

The search engine giants are grabbing more and more market share. Many more people start their product searches with price comparison and customer review sites, away from the traditional high street providers. Being efficient online means hopefully getting a larger share of this business.

5.         Mobility

More and more people are internet mobile. Their devices allow searches, purchases and more whilst mobile, meaning that at any time they can be online. Having an online presence through SEO services would therefore appear more critical than ever these days.

6.         Presence

The giants of the internet are constantly adapting and changing their algorithms, and to your business this will mean the need to update, adapt and improve your site. Having no presence on the internet, may well result in gaining no clients but be certain that your competition will be adapting, so act or miss out.

Your business will become, and its success will inevitably be, more and more intrinsically linked to the presence and the impact that it has online. It is not only how your business might be found that matters, but also how it presents itself and what it can offer. Certainly SEO has changed, but it has not disappeared. If your business wants to avoid disappearing itself, then it too better change and adapt. SEO services remain a critical part in the future success of your business, and one of the fundamental elements of its successful online presence. It’s time you engaged again with SEO.

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