The Often Neglected Foot Massage

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Do you get regular massages, but totally ignore that your place offers reflexology/foot massage? You are not alone, but that doesn’t mean you’re not missing out on something potentially game changing.

Reflexology can actually encompass pressure or even (acupuncture) needles to the feet , ears and even the hands in some cases. But the most common and actually in many cases the most necessary and useful form is simple acupressure to the feet themselves. Getting the right pressure applied to the right foot pressure points can make an absolutely huge difference in your health and wellness.

It’s important to get the right person to take care of you; this is as much art as it is science and people who know how to do this have studied it extensively. However, there are also reflexology shoes that are good to wear for maybe fifteen minutes a day. It’s obviously not going to be the same as seeing a bona fide expert, but it will still be better (and cheaper) than seeing somebody who really doesn’t know what they are doing. Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials.


How useful is reflexology? Opinions vary, but there have been lots of positive reports. Of course, the Chinese culture where it developed swears by it and considers it an important branch of the ancient art of Chinese medicine. People have reported positive results in areas such as asthma and diabetes, for example. And peer-reviewed studies have shown that reflexology definitely does help with other issues such as stress and anxiety, beyond any doubt.

There are no real risks to reflexology, assuming it is done with pressure and not needles. The worst thing that can happen to you is discomfort caused by too much pressure too soon. But honestly, the more pressure you can withstand, the more effective the treatment is going to be, so if you can bear down and just try to get used to it even if it’s uncomfortable, it will be to your long term benefit. That initial discomfort will pay itself off many times over in medium and long term health benefits.

So consider adding reflexology to your lifestyle. The compromise to your schedule will be minimal; get some reflexology shoes or just add 15 minutes or 30 minutes of reflexology to your regular massages, for example. And the benefits are many and real, and well worth it. Your body and mind will thank you for it many times over, believe it.

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