How to Know When it’s Time for a New Legal Job for Young Lawyers

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Getting your dream position in the legal world takes time and patience. Not only do you have to be the best of the best to get into law school, you then study one of the toughest undergraduate degrees to become qualified. And then it’s still not over, and I’m sure the lawyers reading this are nodding their heads, because there’s still more.

Finally, when you reach that position and you think you can climb the career ladder, disaster strikes. The competition is fierce and it’s impossible to get ahead. So what do you do? This article is here to tell you when it’s time to find a new legal job for new lawyers.

You’re Stuck in a Rut:

Before you can even practice law, you need to have a lot of experience from interns and clerkship. This takes time and you’re going to be learning on the job and can’t really expect to be having too many responsibilities. But, when you’ve passed your State Bar Exam and are a fully-qualified lawyer, it’s time to start climbing up.

Some firms treat newly qualified staff with apprehension and you may be doing the same menial tasks as when you’re a clerk, which is fine for a few months. If it lasts longer and you feel that you’re not getting as many opportunities, it’s time to speak with your boss. And if this isn’t fruitful, it’s unlikely that you’re going to thrive.

You’re Not Getting Enough Cases:

Now you have the experience and are established at the firm as a competent young lawyer. You earn a basic salary, which is pretty low and rely on commissions from clients to boost your earnings. However, you’re still not getting enough to earn what you need. This is another reason to consider finding a new firm.

When you’re at this stage in your career and life in general, it’s likely that you’re looking into buying your first house and may already have a small family. As the primary breadwinner, you need to make enough to cover the costs. If the firm isn’t giving you enough to meet your financial requirements and there’s no hope of it improving in the future, it’s time to change.

When You Shouldn’t Find a New Legal Position:

In this interests of being impartial, I think it’s worth pointing out that not everything should make you want to get a new job. Disagreements and office politics can really affect the quality of life. But, unless it’s serious and really does make your life hell, you shouldn’t let it stop you. After all, if you’re already established at one place, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be at the same level immediately in the new one.

The Takeaway Message:

Becoming a lawyer takes a lot of time and dedication and when you finally make it, you need to know when to throw in the tower at your company or to stick with it. Making the right decision can mean the difference between thriving and staying at the same level and salary for the next 10 years.

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