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The winter temperatures are settling in and the weekends are spent being warmed by an open fire. For many people, their weekly outing to the casino has been replaced by a warmer alternative and one of the most popular options is to log on to an online casino instead. For anyone looking to play online for the first time, the options can be overwhelming. With so many games to choose from, how do you find the right one? Here are some tips on what to look out for when choosing an online casino.

What games do you want to play?

The first thing you should consider is what games they offer. When you enter your favoured brick-and-mortar casino, which games do you typically play, to enjoy the online casino you’ll need to make sure it mirrors your previous enjoyable experiences in casinos.

Although you should also make sure there are games you are unfamiliar with. It’s always fun and exciting to try a few new experiences. What Slots themes are there? Is there a TV show you recognise or a film you love? It might sound obvious, but choosing games you would like to play before signing up is very important.

What welcome offers do they include?

Try to start betting with a great Casino Bonus. A lot of online casinos offer incredible introductory offers, so be sure not to miss out on one of those when signing up for the first time. There can be a variety of offers, so again, you must choose one that works for you.

Be sure that you check the small print on offers. Even though a site offers you the largest amount of free bets, it could mean you have to wager more money. If you love free spins on a slot, then find an offer that gives you that, likewise, if you’re planning on turning over a decent amount of money in a week a cashback offer could be your best option.

Check their cashing out policies

It is important to note the checkout policies for these online casinos. If you’re planning to use your PayPal account be sure that the online casino supports this method of transaction. Otherwise, you might sign up and win to find out you cannot withdraw the money the way you had intended.

The best online casinos will support a wide range of payment options including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and cheques, but it is always important to check the banking page before signing up.

Look at reviews

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Someone’s opinion can be simply that – opinion. However, opinions are formed based on experience. Before you choose an online casino to sign up to, check out what other people are saying.

Trusted sites are always the best to use but find one with a lot of reviews, the more the better. Be sure to read some comments rather than trusting the star rating, as it will give you a better insight into how the company works.

What are the Return to Player percentages?

If you’re heading to an online casino, you want to win money. An RTP is vital to making sure you can get the best results from spending your hard-earned cash. These do vary from game to game, so be sure to check out more than one game.

By law, casinos must display the RTP for each game. If you discover an online casino with no RTP visible, avoid it, it’s more than likely unlicensed.

Test customer services

When something goes wrong, you want to be sure someone will be there to help you. Whether it be a discrepancy over winning or struggles with withdrawing money, customer service will be your single point of contact with an online casino.

Before you sign up, send them a few questions and see how long they take to respond. Were they punctual or did they leave you waiting a few weeks? When you receive a response you should then check to see how helpful it was, if it didn’t help you, it’s likely they won’t be helpful in future.

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