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Buying prescription glasses online is becoming a growing trend. According to Forbes, over eight million pairs of eyeglasses were sold online in 2017. Instead of the old fashioned way of performing an eye exam, followed by the selection of a frame at the local store, people can now choose from thousands of eyeglass brands all over the world.

Buying a glass online is very simple. You just have to find your face shape, search for the right lens frame, enter the right prescription values and then checkout. After that, the order will be processed and you’ll have your sunglass shipped to you at the comfort of your home. But, the challenge is finding the best place to buy glasses online. The following are the qualities of the best online eyeglass stores.

A wide range of product catalog

The best retailers have a wide range of eyeglasses that provide lots of options and help pick something that meet your unique needs. They partner with top brands and suppliers, providing exclusive styles and designs of sunglasses for clients.

Quality and affordable pricing

No matter how good the sunglass is, it needs to be affordable. The best online prescription glass retailers have competitive and affordable pricing that caters to all types of clients’ needs. Consider looking at the various price of glasses before making your purchase.

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Stress-free shipping, returns policy and warranty

Buying an eyeglass online has a certain amount of risk. You might make a mistake and have the wrong eyeglass shipped to you. Where there is no return policy and warranty, it can be a daunting experience. Some of the top-notch retailers offer free shipping, 2-year warranty, and a  whopping 100-days returns policy, making it online shopping risk-free.

Superb customer service

Superb customer service is not negotiable. The ecommerce eyewear must be customer-focused, having a responsive website and answering customer queries and complaints in a couple of minutes or hours. They must have millions of satisfied shoppers and breathtaking testimonials, always increasing brand equity.

Socially responsible

The best eyeglass stores go beyond and above money-making objectives to offering social intervention programs to support the community. For instance, Vision Direct, a market leader in the online retail of sunglasses, has donated over $1,000,000 worth of eyewear to visually-impaired individuals in many deprived areas across the globe. This care and concern permeate all their operations.

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