Got Writer’s Block? Three Fresh Blog Ideas for Educators

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When it comes to teaching, it’s rather common to see students suffer for writer’s block or have no idea where to start with an assignment. However, what should we do when it happens to us?

Coming up with creative ideas as an educational blogger is easier said than done. This is especially true as the nature of our profession is rather sensitive regarding what we should and shouldn’t discuss online. While it may be tempting to blog about a problem student or write a rant concerning a new administrative policy, such topics can get us into trouble if we aren’t careful.

Whether we realize it or not, teachers are full of stories. As the in’s and out’s of our profession may seem commonplace, from having to break up fights to having to deal with emotional outbursts on a regular basis, it’s easy to forget how fascinating such experiences may be to outsiders. Likewise, budding teachers are often in search of stories regarding the profession as a means of understanding their own situations.

Think of your own experiences as a new teacher and ask yourself: “What is a blog that I would have benefited from when I was first starting out?”

If you’re looking to grab the interest of your audience, teachers or otherwise, consider the following three questions as inspiration for your next blog post.


What Was Your First Year Like?”

Unanimously, there’s nothing quite like that infamous, never-ending first year.

Although the ever-so-famous first year teaching statistic (half of all new teachers will quit within the first five years) is up for debate, there’s no denying that the struggle of the first year is shared by all educators.

The story of your first year can be a compelling one, especially for new teachers looking for a reason to stay in the professional instead of running for their lives. Although reflecting on your classroom management snafus and all-nighters during your first year may not be the most enjoyable experience, it can be incredibly enlightening and entertaining for your readership.

What Was Your Biggest Misconception About Teaching?”

Many of those who enter the teaching field have no idea what they’re getting into. The misconceptions of teaching represent a fantastic blog topic because it’s prime for debate, discussion and controversy.

For example, new teachers are often horrified by the myriad of behavior problems they have to deal with on a daily basis, from truancy to Snapchatting and beyond. Likewise, many teachers are equally shocked at the amount of time they spend outside of the classroom either in meetings or grading papers. As no two teachers’ experiences are the same, you’ll have a lot to discuss amongst your readers regarding such misconceptions.

How Did You Get Into Teaching?”


The path to becoming an educator is often filled with twists and turns. From career changes to those looking to simply start over, telling the story of how you became a teacher can work to inspire readers and allow your personality to shine.

Additionally, such a post can help educate potential teachers on what it really means to become an educator, from dealing with emotional attachment to students to the headaches of the certification process. Each of these experiences could represent individual posts that would be incredibly meaningful to first-year teachers or college students interested in the profession.

Perhaps it’s only natural as educators to use our blogs as a means to, well, educate our readership. Consider how your experience as a teacher can help other educators better understand the field, meanwhile also giving your blog a personal touch.

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