It’s Getting Even Easier To Work Abroad


When you start looking beyond your own city, your own state, even your own country, your job prospects suddenly start looking a lot more numerous. Nowadays, the international market is booming with goods and services travelling more freely from country to country than ever before. The same can be said of the people doing the work, too. If you want to go abroad, then getting the right job could be exactly the step you need to take. Here, we’ll look at three ways to get yourself closer to your dreams of travelling the world while making some money.

People need the skills you have

There’s a good chance that you already have the skills that people need overseas. There are growing economies always in need of experts. Even if you’re not immediately skilled, you do have one thing that could immediately lead into some career options: your knowledge of the English language. It takes a bit of work to turn that knowledge into something profitable, but there are plenty of TESOL graduate schools that can help you turn your natural talent into the base of a career. Teaching English to speakers of other languages is a huge field, with a lot of diversity not just in location, but in the fields that you work in. You might be working with children in schools or professionals in a company.

Find where you’re wanted

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If you have certain other skills in demand, then you can offer even more than your knowledge of a language. Countries like Australia and the Philippines have different desires for who they’re going to hire. In Australia, for instance, any application for a working visa can be fast-tracked for those with experience in construction, healthcare, real estate, and maritime industries. In the Philippines, civil engineers and human resources specialists are in huge demand. If you have industry experience or skills that qualify you for a certain career, there’s a good chance that there’s a country in dire need of those skills that will fight to get you over there.

Some jobs go everywhere

It’s not always a specific skill or expertise that will get you abroad, either. If you want to have an international career, you might try looking specifically for companies with a big international presence. Banks like HSBC, tech companies like Google, and insurance companies like Unum frequently send their employees overseas, often with no need for a VISA. Finding a marketing, project management, or HR place in an international company will drastically improve your chances of being jetted around the world to work in offices and for clients just about anywhere that the company has some reach. Sometimes, where you’re going with these careers isn’t exactly up to you, which can be a drawback to some, but can be part of the adventure for others.

There are plenty more industries we haven’t touched on just yet. Engineering, aid working, stagehand work, and so on. There are a lot of opportunities out there for those willing to take their career to a different lane.

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