How to Find the Right Work Balance in 2017


Many people feel so stressed by work that they miss the important moments in life. If your work-life balance has gotten unbalanced, then you should make some lifestyle changes in 2017 to solve the problem. Start with the following four approaches to finding a better work-life balance.

Build Family Time Into Your Day

You set a work schedule so that you know that you will finish every task on your list. You can use the same strategy to make sure you spend time with your family.

Take the following steps to build family time into your day:

  • Have breakfast together instead of having everyone eat and rush to get out of the house.
  • Establish a weekly game or movie night.
  • Start traditions such as eating lunch at grandma’s house on Saturdays or going to church on Sundays.

Make a schedule that includes activities your family will enjoy. Some families like to go hiking once a month or going to art museums. As long as your schedule sounds good to your family, it’s the right option for you.


 Learn to Make the Most of Your Workday

You have a certain amount of work that you have to complete each day. If you don’t make the most of every minute, then you will find yourself working extra hours.

Structure your workday and improve your concentration with the following recommendations:

  • Establish office hours to limit interruptions.
  • Use the Pomodoro Technique to concentrate on difficult tasks.
  • Employ apps and other technology that make communication, scheduling, and project management easier.
  • Take walks to clear your mind and energize your body during breaks.

Try each of these options to discover which ones work for you. If you feel like one of them improves your work, make it a regular part of your daily routine.

 Set Your Schedule By Becoming Your Own Boss

If you work for someone else, then you probably have limited control over your schedule. Companies need to coordinate their operating hours to make sure they always have employees scheduled to work. Some companies have such strict schedules that you may need to ask for a day off several weeks in advance.

Becoming your own boss allows you to easily set your own work schedule. For example, if you start selling products with Amway, you can have complete control over when you work. Amway also offers budding entrepreneurs support for running their own businesses with an online education program that focuses on developing business skill sets. If you feel like you’ve been putting in too many hours lately, then you can scale back the following week to rest and spend time doing the activities that make life important for you.

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 Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice that encourages you to stay in the present moment. Some Buddhist groups have used mindfulness for centuries. Today, mindfulness has become a trendy subject among CEOs who feel burned out by their rigorous schedules. You can use this practice to limit stress in your life, take more control of your emotions, and learn to make wiser decisions.

You can practice mindfulness in several ways. Formal mindfulness meditation involves any time when you intentionally focus on your actions and surroundings in a structured way:

  •  Sit quietly and listen to the sounds around you.
  • Pay close attention to every footstep of a walk.
  • Take time to experience the flavors and smells while you enjoy a meal.

You can also practice informal meditation by bringing awareness to any activity. You can practice mindfulness while talking to your spouse, pushing your kids on a swing set, or completing documents at work. As long as you try to experience the fullness of your surroundings and actions, you are practicing mindfulness.

Regular practice will allow you to easily reach your goals at work and stay in the moment when you spend time with your loved ones.

You will have to experiment to find the right activities for you in 2017. With a little effort, you can make big changes to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance.

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