Feng Shui your Home Office and Super Charge Your Day!

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In this age of distributed workforces and telecommuting, working from a home office has become not only common but also a recognised career choice. A home office has an advantage of flexible hours and also the peace of mind that comes with not sharing your space with hundreds of co-workers.

There are however a number of disadvantages of a home office. The most prominent are separating your business and personal life, and the lack of a social interaction.

With feng shui, you can get the best of both worlds and also increase your productivity and creativity. Here are some ideas that you can use to supercharge your day with the help of feng shui.

1. Have your office as far from your bedroom as possible
The bedroom is a place of getting rest. It therefore presents a big challenge when you are trying to get some work done – you will be constantly thinking of taking a nap.
To avoid this, you should even have a separate entry to your office if your home layout allows. If not, have your home office as far from the bedroom as possible.

2. Place your desk in a feng shui commanding position
Doing this attracts stronger success energies to your work area. You may however be wondering what the feng shui position is. Do not have your back facing the door, and also ensure you are not facing the wall. If you have to face a wall, use art and feng shui to make the wall disappear.
Additionally, your desk should be far from the door and not in line with it.

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3. Use art to guide Feng Shui flow
Well placed pieces of art can have a marked effect on the flow of your office, but it is important to keep in mind that happiness and energy, rather than artistic quality, is the main feature to look for. A gothic scene is no good for an office, no matter who painted it. A bright nature scene can be the perfect addition to your office. Tim from The Canvas Factory said “We’ve seen a definite upswing in people ordering prints specifically for the home office, with Feng Shui in mind. It’s a cost effective choice for someone looking for a specific kind of artwork while not wanting to spend huge on it”.

4. Go for a happy and successful theme for your home office
Make use of pictures, feng shui colors, décor items, and career memorabilia that give you a sense of being successful, happy, and appreciated.
The fact that you are working from home means that you have the freedom of expressing yourself with no limitations. However, try and choose a theme that is in line with your career choice.

5. Free your office from clutter
Nothing saps energy more than clutter. It therefore pays to ensure that your office is well-organized at all times.
If being organized doesn’t come naturally to you (and even if it does), have as many clutter clearing sessions in a week as possible. You will love how enthusiastic and energetic you will feel.

6. Take care of the 3 feng shui areas in your office
According to feng shui, there are three areas in your office that should be treated well:
– North area: This represents your path in life or career and the representing element is water. Place inspiring career related images in the north area of your office.
– South area: This represents your reputation and face and its feng shui element is fire. Avoid placing thigs that “put out” the fire in this area. These include mirrors, water or images of water, and the color blue.
– Southeast area: This represents abundance and prosperity and its feng shui element is wood. Having items in this area that inspire thoughts of wealth and abundance in this area is great but avoid fire, images of fire, or too much metal.

7. Ensure your office gets quality air and light
Good feng shui demands that you get high quality air and light – natural or artificial. Get some air purifying plants to ensure that your body in not starving for oxygen.
Investing is some full-spectrum lights will also go a long way in ensuring that you enjoy every moment you spend in your home office. This way, you’ll have infinite positive energy that will translate to more productivity.

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