4 Ways to Clean Your Home and Get More Space

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Cleaning the home is a thing that is relaxing for many people while on the other hand, it is stressful for some people, particularly when they have other household chores to do.

Cleaning is essential for many different reasons, but the primary reason is that it provides more space!

Remember that having more space in your house is critical to proper mental health. You may want to organize your goods into two segments—those that you use regularly and those items that do not serve a daily function.

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It can be made easier by dividing the cleaning tasks into monthly, weekly, and daily basis in an organized way. Here are four ways in which you can clean your home and can get more space.

Place Your Items in Storage Boxes

Using storage boxes is one of the ways that helps in saving space and keeping your house clean. If we talk about the cleaning and storage of bedroom stuff, then having a proper place to keep them will make your personal space clean. If you do not have enough space to keep your clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories, then you can use storage boxes, baskets, and containers that can be kept beneath your bed.

The kitchen is the most used room of the house, and here you can use containers for food storage to keep them in the fridge and for dry ingredients as well.

Use Storage Ottomans

For storing and hiding things, especially in the living room, you can use multi-functional furniture like storage ottomans to keep the toys, and games accessories, reducing the mess and maximizing the space. You can also use your ottomans as a coffee table and can place wooden and metal trays, remote, magazines, books, and other related accessories.

This can help you with your time as you go to college or juggle several jobs as well.

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Install Vertical Shelves

The use of vertical shelves is another way to maximize space and minimize clutter. To organize the books, you can install the vertical shelves in the doorway or bedrooms.

You can also install them in the bathroom to keep shampoo, toothpaste, and other accessories. In the laundry room, they can be helpful to place detergents. In the kitchen, a pantry with vertical shelving will maximize the space.

Use The“Four-Box Method”

In “Four-Box Method”, you have to get four boxes and name them as trash, sell/give away, storage, and put away. One by one, enter every room and keep the things accordingly. Place specific items in the trash box.

Which ones? Those that do not come with any use at all!

Keep the valuable items, but you do not use them in the sell/give away box.

In the storage box, you can add those items that are used but only occasionally. And, keep the small accessories that you use on a daily basis in the put-away box. This method will help you a lot in decluttering in an organized way.

Less is More

Owning plenty of stuff in our home can make life more stressful and exhausting for us. There is more of a mess to clean up. By adopting these tactics, our lives will become easier and simpler.

We can clean and organize our home without extreme stress and concerns.

Have fun cleaning and living!

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