Email Management in Times of Chaos

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Email is truly one of humanity’s greatest inventions. Since 1971, it has been helping us to communicate better and more efficiently, and every level of evolution of email has been a further boon to all of us.

But the evolution of email is not exactly one hundred percent linear. Like any other technology, email is and can be fraught with problems and misuses. Spam and viruses come to mind, among others like email-based scams.

If you’re a legitimate mass mailer and need to get through to your customer base or potential customer base in an efficient fashion, it’s often frustrating, because methods applied to curtail these spammers and criminals often affect you disproportionately and unfairly. This is where GMass comes in to help.

GMass and other mail tools of this nature allow you to simplify and even in appropriate cases automate your company’s necessary email tasks to the point where you will wonder how you ever accomplished anything without it.

The features of this program include test mode, so you can refine your email and get it perfect before actually sending it out and potentially annoying customers or wasting their time, You can also schedule mass mailings in advance, create and edit email groups (previous customers, loyal customers, etc.) , use open tracking, click tracking, and even generate custom reports automatically.

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It also includes intelligent management of unsubscribe links. This is more and more becoming a legal issue in various jurisdictions, so it’s important on an ethical and legal level to make sure people are not receiving unwanted emails. For more information here is a link from a customer’s perspective, so you can put yourself in their shoes. We believe firmly in ethical methods of mass mailing; it’s important for all of us to preserve this environment where open communication is possible by never stooping to the level of the spammers.

One area in which software programs often bog down companies is in that of managing the replies to these emails. GMass includes intelligent tools for reply management, so that you don’t get confused or bogged down in a string of similar replies. This feature in and of itself is worth the price of admission.

So to conclude, you no longer have to be afraid of or daunted by emailing your clients ever again. With GMass the process is absolutely and professionally streamlined from start to finish. So go and email in an ethical and stress-free manner.

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