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In the professional realm, the inbox helps to run professional lives. The online inbox is vital and crucial across the board. It has become more important as more communication is done through email and through chat as opposed to regular mail or snail mail.

The phenomenon of email gave way to mass marketing services that helped to provide direct reach to audiences from across the world. Thanks to the internet, innovations like the world wide web and email services provided by Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Proton Mail and a slew of other companies, we have the ability to reach a variety of people if we have their contact information.

Thanks to these new technologies, individuals could come up with new businesses and find ways to provide value to people in their backyards or their local areas and across the globe as well. These small businesses have created a variety of services that help individuals to build a business to a scale that might not have been dreamed of in the past due to limitations of time, speed and location.

Instead of having to worry about buying a stamp, writing out a letter and then mailing it out before the mail was sent out, individuals, administrators and more could simply just open up their computers, laptops and other devices, open their email application and send out a quick email at any time for free. No constraints.

Email is still relevant

Email is fast, reliable and important. Everyone checks their email because they expect important information and they expect to receive important and relevant correspondence.

Even in this day and era of social media, business is still conducted over email. Did you know that “according to data recently compiled by Magnetic, 44 percent of people in the United States and Canada checked their personal email one to three times a day?” That statistic should not be too surprising, the inbox is everything, it’s where direct reach can take place. Important information can be sent from an academic, commercial or personal standpoint.

The name of the game when it comes to building any sort of relationship (personal or business) is the aspect of reach. If your end party or recipient is not aware of you or is not able to receive your messages, you will not be able to grow your relationship with them. The long-term relationship in many situations is what typically closes the deal.

You can notice this aspect of long-term relationships in professional gurus such as Ramit Sethi who provides his readers with free content and then charges for more premium content through his courses. Various other online teachers and even artists and businesses will send you continuous emails to educate you the consumer on their specific value-add to your life. If you are looking to get smarter in your finances, you would turn to Ramit Sethi, if you were looking to live an interesting life, you would turn to Tim Ferris and his 5-bullet Friday email campaigns.

The key is that you as the content consumer are aware of them, like them and their content and believe that they could help you to improve your life.

They do all of this through utilizing the ever important communication medium of email and a variety of tools that help them to tap into their list of contacts, and deliver intelligently personalized greetings and messages for each of them, allowing them to connect with their audience and build powerful relationships for years to come.

Anyone who is seeking to build their business or network should strive to build real relationships by connecting with their audience on the topics that matter to them and add value to them through a medium that they are checking every day, their online inbox.


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