How to Dress for Poker Victory

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If you’ve spent much of 2016 glued to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) taking place in Las Vegas, maybe you’ve decided to make 2017 the year you finally take on the poker world. Beyond knowing the rules, you’re going to need to learn how to dress at the poker table. We’ve all seen the pros sporting cowboy hats and mirrored sunglasses, but how should you dress to ensure you’re comfortable and focused at the poker table? Here are a couple of top tips to help you on your way…

Keep an eye on the time

If you’re taking part in a tournament in a casino then you should know that this is an arena where time doesn’t exist. Meaning, of course, that you’re unlikely to find a clock anywhere! If you want to keep track of time, make sure you’re wearing a watch or something with pockets so that you can keep your phone handy.

Layer up!

All those worries about getting hot under the collar, or forming sweat patches that give away the emotions you’re doing yourbest to hide, often needn’t be worries at all. This is because casinos are generally air-conditioned – and this can mean that you’re actually cold more often than you’re hot. We suggest wearing layers so that you’re prepared for all eventualities. You don’t need to be worrying about your body temperature when you’ve got a game to win.


Keep it comfy

Poker tournaments can go on for hours, and this means you’ll be sat in the same spot for a long time. To ensure you’re comfortable, we recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that are unlikely to cause any discomfort. Again, you need your mind to be on the game, rather than on how tight your jeans are.

Bear in mind that most people sat around the table with you are going to be well-versed in reading their opponents. If you’re worried about giving too much away whilst getting a grasp on the ropes, don’t be afraid to take along your sunglasses. Sometimes all you need is a little barrier like this to put you at ease a little. Plus, you certainly won’t be the only player using this tactic.


Despite these tips, remember that what you and your opponents wear to play in poker tournaments can give a lot away about how you play the game. Observing how other players present themselves and how that translates to their playing style is another way to deepen your knowledge of the game – and to start reading people. It pays to pay attention, and this goes for how people dress too.

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