Why Cloud Solutions is the Way to Grow Any Business

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The latest development from Gurus Solutions makes use of the very latest technology to offer businesses the solutions they need to give customers the best possible experience.  Using the power of Cloud Solutions, businesses can grow and expand without the need for expensive hardware.

What the cloud means

Not too late in the past a business would need a large server on the premises that stored all of their data, connected them to the rest of the internet and was key to the business functioning.  The server had to be maintained and secured and could go offline, leaving the business without access to crucial software.

Then things like cloud solutions came along and now offer the ability to have all the software required, without the large awkward server.  Storing data off site means less risk of being hacked on the premises and meaning that there is less risk of loss of service due to failed equipment.

What Gurus Solutions offer


Gurus Solutions have taken the latest generation of cloud technology and created a set of software to help any business develop.  Included in this package are their best-selling NetSuite and Salesforce software along with a range of other cloud business management software solutions.

Salesforce allows businesses of any size to create professional level email marketing.  Experts acknowledge that email is key to a business success and utilizing automation in the process saves time and offers customers a consistent service.  The software allows the planning and personalization of communications alongside the optimization of the customer journey to ensure they remain loyal repeat customers.

NetSuite is a marketing automation software that allows a business to set a marketing process and simply monitor its progress.  This makes for better campaigns that are aligned with the work of the sales teams.  The systems make it easy for businesses to collect leads and turn these into quality sales as well as to monitor the effectiveness of any marketing campaign or element within it.

See what progress looks like

The software within the Cloud Solutions package allows businesses to grow because they can monitor what works and see what progress looks like in real time.  There is no waiting around for monthly reports or quarterly updates – the software provides a simple solution to see what impact every strategy is having.  This means no wasted time and resources on strategies that aren’t working and a better chance that the business will see the growth as it planned.

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