Choosing the Best Coffee Pods

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To make an unforgettable cup of coffee, you need to understand two things:

  1. Ensure the pods you buy are compatible with your machine. Using coffee pods from Gourmesso which extract your coffee’s best flavor will determine the taste and the enjoyment you get from your cup of delicious coffee.
  2. Buy high-quality coffee pods. Your palate will fancy more flavors than others. Learn about the origins of the beans and how different locations influence the flavor. Also, find out how the beans in the pods were roasted. Roasting methods are different thereby affected the taste. 

Origins of Coffee Beans

Let’s take a look at the most popular coffee regions.

  • Central America

The flavors are smooth and well balanced with a fruity-like taste. It is a good choice for first-timers.

  • South America

The taste is well-rounded and even. This coffee has an average sweetness and acidity. To retain its light flavor, it is best mild or medium roasted.

  • Pacific Islands and the Far East

Characterized by low acidity and heavy bodies. Flavors range from earthy to hearty with a hint of bitterness. They are best dark roasted. This way, their smooth undertones are preserved.

  • The Middle East and Africa

Beans from these regions are medium bodied. Common characteristic tastes are wine, spice, fruit-like acidity, and chocolate. To achieve the ideal flavor and balance in their contrasting flavors, the beans are best roasted medium to medium dark.

Coffee Roasting

What determines the aromas and flavors of your coffee is basically the roast temperature and time.

A light roast makes the beans sweeter, preserves most of the beans acidic flavors, and maintains their geographic characteristics.

On the other hand, the more time is taken in roasting the beans, the more the beans will darken releasing very intense flavors. If the beans are roasted in considerably high temperatures, their acidity is lost and replaced with a bitter taste. A lot of caffeine is also lost in the process. 

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How Do Coffee Pods Work?

  • The coffee is roasted, ground and then packed in the pods using a filter system at just the right pressure.
  • Afterward, the pods are vacuum packed inside foil packs.
  • Coffee pods are a fast and convenient way of making your coffee; a pre-tamped portion of ground coffee which is capsuled and discarded after use. You can get a variety of gourmesso coffee capsules depending on what you fancy.

The thing is, not all coffee pods are able to produce and preserve quality espresso the same way. Therefore, when choosing coffee pods, here’s what you should consider:

  • Choose pods which have a good-quality bean blend.
  • If you want fresh coffee, the beans have to be roasted, ground, then finally encapsulated in very close proximity to each other. If the coffee is roasted then it has to be transported to another location to be put in capsules, high chances are, a lot of its freshness will be lost in the process.
  • The pods should be able to ensure that the coffee is completely protected from oxidation and damage so that it remains in its fresh state. Thus, your coffee pod of choice should be fully sealed and packaged to avoid air seeping in and damage while in transit or damage from bumping into other objects.
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