Casino Employees – What Do They Do?

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Having a good organizational structure in any establishment is essential to maintaining a smooth business operation. The same can be said for any large casino establishment. Because there is a large number of various departments present in a casino, it requires a lot of staff to manage and maintain each department and their function. The most obvious employees are, of course, the ones that are mostly seen on the casino floor, that being the dealers and croupiers.

Staff Members and Dealers

Each dealer or croupier is responsible for their table and they are the ones who mostly interact with guests. Beside dealing cards, handling the ball at the roulette table and keeping the quests occupied, they also operate the gaming machines. In a way, they are the face of the establishment, and the way they interact with people will greatly contribute to the overall experience of each guest. Croupiers go through fairly intense training programs to ensure that the required aptitudes are being met. During their training, the rules of each game are thought individually so that they can better familiarize themselves with each game. 

Unlike slot machines found in online casinos such as Slotpark, the machines found land-based casino establishments require real technicians to maintain and repair them. More experienced technicians can even tell if the machines have been tampered with in any way. The non-gaming tables and activities also require employees to serve the needs of every guest. Bartenders and support staff are the ones responsible for a guests’ overall experience. No matter which role an employee plays at the bar, either serving drinks or preparing the food, it is expected that the service they provide be of high-quality to ensure that the guests are satisfied. 

Managers and Pit Bosses

Floor managers, or pit bosses, as they are often called, are the next in rank when it comes to casino establishments. The different areas of the casino are often called “pits”. In each pit, a pit boss is responsible for the employees in that area, they oversee every operation taking place there and report directly to the casino manager. Besides, they also ensure that every guest is responsibly participating in gambling activities and also handling any uncomfortable situations with more “jumpy” guests.

The Casino President

At the very top, there is the general manager or president that oversees all of the casino operations and ensure that everything runs smoothly. They are also the people responsible for choosing and hiring new personnel. The president is the person guiding all of the casino operations, as well as, having a good idea of the future of the establishment. 

A single person having this much responsibility may seem impossible, however, all of these functions are done with the aid of vice presidents, who are individually responsible for different departments such as human resources, accounting, security, etc. All of these departments are supervised by an individual vice president that answers directly to the casino president himself for him to make decisions accordingly.

Many people choose a job in the casino industry for the opportunity to work in an exciting and ever-changing environment. Casino establishment is places of luxury and glamour and being a part of it is a dream for many people looking for careers that offer opportunities to advance and improve. There are many popular stories where first-timers in a casino managed to climb the ranks from a dealer to a casino president through hard work and by being passionate about the work itself and the desire to learn.

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