Is A Career Overseas The Right Choice For You?

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Nowadays, the idea that a career is restricted to one country has well and truly gone out with the dinosaurs. We live with a global market and that market attracts many people to pursue a life in another land. Have you been thinking about chasing that life for years? Do you see your career skyrocketing abroad? There are a few things you need to ask yourself.

Do you want to work there or need to work there?

This is one of the more practical reasons to consider looking abroad for a career. Perhaps you have your sights set on a goal that you simply can’t reach where you live. Perhaps the industry just isn’t well-grown enough in your own home. If you’ve hit a brick wall and you don’t see any solution where you are, then the answer might be in a country where that industry is in need of people. For instance, in Australia, there’s a great need of a whole range of people for skilled occupations from accountancy to psychotherapy.

Do you understand the industry?

You likely have some idea of the industry you want to work in within the country you’re currently in. However, that’s not necessarily going to translate completely when you move. For one, the markets have different needs and different niches. There are also different marketing and cultural trends in different countries. If you’re only starting or considering a start in another country then here you can read about studying abroad and how it might be the best way to make sure that your skills and knowledge make the change with you.

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Are you confident about living there?

It’s a big step, moving to another country. Even if you know the language, for instance, you won’t know what it’s really like to speak it until you do it with natives. Read this on improving English speaking skills to see the ways you can get a lot more comfortable speaking a language before you move over. It’s an imperfect picture, but immersing yourself in the popular culture, news, and even forums of the country you want to visit can get you a lot more in tune. It can quell a lot of the fear about having no cultural understanding of the place.

Is it about more than the money?

Perhaps the biggest question is why you want to go. Yes, it may be an essential move if you want to progress and find a place in the industry of your choice. But you’re going to be able to live abroad a lot better if it’s about more than just a career. A curiosity, a love of a country’s culture, and a sense of adventure can make it a lot easier to stick through some of the harder points of the transition.

If the answers to the above are all ‘yes’, then moving abroad might the solution to that wanderlust. Be bold and be resilient. You might experience some setbacks and culture shock along the way, but you can achieve the overseas career you want if you’re willing to tough it out.

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