Best Ways to Get Around Perth

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Perth definitely has a lot to see for being such an out of the way place that is rarely talked about. It has a lot of culture and nightlife, restaurants, etc. for a city of its size. Maybe because of its relative isolation, they have had to have everything in one city because everything else is so far away. But whatever the reason, if you find yourself in Perth, you owe it to yourself to go out and enjoy yourself by any means necessary!

We’re going to take a look at the various options for getting around this very underrated city:

1) Public Transit:

Perth actually has an excellent public transportation system, with integrated trains, buses, and a few ferries. I personally feel that I haven’t completely visited a city unless I have taken at least one trip on public transit. Of course, there are some drawbacks. Unfortunately, Perth has fare zones so trips can be unpredictably expensive (although this is still going to be obviously your cheapest option). And especially if you go somewhere out of the way, it can be confusing to navigate that map.

2) Traditional Taxis:

Perth’s taxis are among the better taxis in cities in which I have stayed. But having said that, I always try to avoid traditional taxis in Perth and elsewhere. The main reasons are the same ones that hardly are worth analyzing here. We all know taxis try to do things like take the scenic route in order to pad fares, make up surcharges that don’t exist, etc. Today we have a lot better options.


3) Rideshares:

Rideshares I feel are a better option than traditional taxis and in many cases better than public transportation in Perth. Unless there is some crazy event that makes for major surge pricing, rideshares will generally come in cheaper than taxis, and you still get the advantages of traditional taxis, like not having to worry about finding an exact address etc.

4) Limo services:


Admittedly this is the most expensive option. However, in Perth you will definitely get what you pay for. There is a definite difference between just getting from A to B and getting there in style! Limos may be overkill for some situations and definitely aren’t a low budget option, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this option for people who are ready for the experience. I feel I should point out here that technology is changing the face of the limo industry just as it is changing the taxi industry. Companies like Blacklane are revitalizing and expanding what was once thought to be a niche industry.

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