What Are the Benefits of an Email Signature?

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When you talk about email signatures, people often think of the digital version of your name scribbled at the bottom of a letter.  But with the email version, it is a lot more than just adding your name to things – it is a chance to advertise yourself, make a connection and even do a spot of marketing.  Here’s a look at the benefits of using an email signature.

What is an email signature?

Let’s start with a quick look at what an email signature is – any time you have seen someone with a little profile picture alongside their name and some other information at the bottom of an email, you have seen a signature.  Companies such as zippysig.com offer software to create a professional and simple signature that contains a variety of relevant information.

Why use a signature?

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An email signature is a bit like a digital business card.  You can include information like the company website, social media profile links and even advertise a product, service or the latest company blog post.  You can use color and a picture of yourself to help make it more visual and eye catching and can easily be automatically added to each email.

This digital business card can help generate clicks to the company website or to increase following on social media by making it easy for people to do these things.  We all know that the easy option is best and being able to click a button on a signature to get to the company’s Facebook profile is much easier than Googling it and tracking it down.

People often see emails with a signature as being more legitimate and professional because the person or company have gone to the effort of having one created.  While the process is a quick one and the information easy to compile, the impression created on anyone receiving the email is always a positive one.

Extra benefits

There are also more subtler benefits you can get from an email signature.  Brand recognition is one – if you include the company logo alongside the profile picture and other information this can help people recognize it when they see it on the internet.  Also using a picture of a real person in the signature helps to humanize the company and works towards the concept that people buy from people – you are putting your face as that of the company in this situation.

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