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As we have progressed into an increasingly digitised era, computer programming or ‘coding’ has become a very in-demand profession. This field of technology paves the way to newer developments in terms of networks or devices. Let’s take a look at some of the specialised options for computer programming courses that can help you land lucrative career opportunities.

Certificate programmes:

  1. Diploma in Cloud Computing Essentials for Business: This course is tailored for IT business decision makers to help them develop their knowledge of cloud computing.
  2. Diploma in Cloud Computing Technical Practitioner Essentials: This course is designed for working professionals who are accountable for articulating the technical benefits of cloud computing services.
  3. Diploma in CompTIA Security+: This course addresses the challenges involved in the latest trends and techniques in risk management, risk mitigation, threat management and intrusion detection.
  4. Diploma in Software QA: In this course, students gain practical training on maintaining and implementing evolving technology for businesses to function properly.

Diploma programmes:

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  1. Diploma in GDPR and EPrivacy Data Protection Regulation course: Throughout this course, you will gain foundational knowledge and skills required to implement and manage GDPR requirements in a company.
  2. Diploma in Customer Relationship Management: As the name suggests, this programme focuses on customer relationship management (CRM) systems, along with the practices and strategies needed to manage and analyse potential customer activities.
  3. Diploma in Data Analysis and Visualisation using Tableau: This programme provides students with expertise in analysing and visualising data in relation to the core concepts and techniques in Tableau.
  4. Diploma in Predictive Data Analytics: This course focuses on the application of predictive data analytics tools and techniques to enhance business performance.
  5. Diploma in Computer Programming (Introduction to Programming): The course curriculum of this programme is structured for candidates who are looking to gain a full-time role in software development.
  6. Diploma in Web Design: This programme is appropriate for students who are looking for a stepping stone into the field of web design and development.
  7. Diploma in Introduction to Computer Hacking: Throughout this course, students will gain expertise in various network protocols that are essential in examining different cyber-attacks. You will also learn about how encryptions function.
  8. Diploma in Introduction to Computer Networks: During this course students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and terminology related to network technologies.
  9. Diploma in Mobile App Development: This course teaches students about the operations that are behind developing high-resolution devices to create an effective mobile experience.

If you are looking to succeed into today’s digital world, apply today to any of the above-mentioned professional computing courses today!

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