6 Work at Home Jobs That You Can Start Today

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One of the biggest changes in the working world in recent years has been the growth of people working from home and being self-employed.  While it isn’t for everyone, there are a lot of jobs that you can do when working at home and can start with little experience or training.  Here are some of the top examples.


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Virtual assistant

If you are someone who enjoys doing all those tasks that others might find tedious such as scheduling on social media, writing and replying to emails or various other admin tasks, then working as a virtual assistant might be ideal for you.  The idea is that businesses employ you either to do a specific job for a time or on an ongoing basis to do regular tasks rather than employing someone part or full time in the business premises.


If you are fluent in more than one language, you can use that ability to create a work from home career.  The demand for natural language speakers is particularly high – people who can speak the language naturally as they can understand all the little peculiarities that a natural speaker has and then translate them into another language.

Web designer

From creating websites from scratch to fixing them when they break, the services of a web designer are much in demand.  You might need to do some training for this one unless you have been working on websites for yourself for some time.

Call handling support

Like a virtual assistant, companies are looking for people to handle calls for them without having to employ a receptionist.  Call handling support means you answer the call as if you work for the business then either deal with it or forward it to the right person such as the business owner or specific department with an introduction.

Content writer

Every word you read on the internet has to be written by someone and that means having a content writer create it.  You can work on your own through various job websites or even team up with companies such as LD SEO Sydney who offer a range of services including content creation, search engine optimization and marketing strategy.  You can even take on doing all this yourself when you have the experience.

Virtual teacher

Not all teaching takes place in the classroom and there is a growing demand for virtual teachers who can take classes over the internet or teach one on one.  You don’t even need to be a qualified teacher for the role – expertise in a specific area is often just as important to get this kind of role.

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