6 Professional-Development Programs that Will Help You Get a Job in a High-Growth Industry

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Whether you are looking to break into or advance your career in a high-growth industry, professional development can help you achieve your goals. Indeed, getting trained by experts in your field of choice can significantly benefit your résumé and confidence.

The great thing about many modern professional-development programs is that they offer a far more flexible approach. By accessing training from any location online, at your own pace, and on your schedule, you have much more freedom to advance your career while still keeping up with your current work and family responsibilities. Keep reading to discover some of the best online and flexible professional-development courses that can help you land or advance to a coveted position in a high-growth industry.

Nova Space Inc. – Space Industry

Space is no longer the final frontier. Instead, it’s a high-growth industry that currently employs not only astronauts but also close to 1 million people in a wide range of roles, including systems engineers, geologists, data engineers, and PR people, to name a few. Although, if you want to find yourself counted among these professionals, you will need to outshine the competition by demonstrating competent knowledge of space technology and how the industry works.

Fortunately, your star can shine as a top candidate for any space industry position by ensuring you have been through the right professional-development program. In particular, the Space Professional Course from Nova Space Inc. offers solutions for both experienced industry individuals looking to boost their careers and novices looking to break into the field. However, they are not your typical professional-development company; they do not deliver training via boring and ineffective slide-deck or video lectures.

They provide industry standardized, self-paced, virtual, challenge-based interactive, and asynchronous learning, allowing students to learn any time, anywhere, and at any pace. This adequately prepares them to be confident players in the specialist, information, and regulation-dense Space Industry.

HealthStream – Healthcare

Healthcare continues to be one of the consistently highest-growth industries, year on year, with 22 million workers recorded by the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) in 2019. This means that investing in training that sets you apart from the competition in this field is well worth your time and money.

Indeed, by pursuing professional-development programs, you can ensure you are in a position to deliver excellence when it comes to patient care and industry compliance, which will make you a more appealing option to any employer within the industry.

With that in mind, considering one or more of the professional-development programs by HealthStream, such as Learning & Performance, Quality & Compliance, Reimbursement, Resuscitation, Clinical Development, Credentialing, and Scheduling & Capacity Management, could be very healthy for your career, indeed.

Solution Tree – Teachers

The figures do not lie: 3.2 million teachers worked in public schools alone in the U.S. from 2019-to 2020. Indeed, as long as the human race continues, teaching will always be a high-growth industry. Yet, teacher-training programs’ essential introduction to the profession is often no longer enough to secure a high-ranking and paying position in a school.

Today’s educational institutions are looking for more candidates, such as teaching professionals who understand how to offer the best and most effective learning experience to their pupils and lead the institution in which they work to success.

That is where Solution Tree’s professional-development programs come in. Designed to enhance all areas of the school experience, Solution Tree offers programs that grow the teaching professional’s expertise and enhance their well-being and the culture of the institution they are working in as a whole.

Choose from their Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) program, their wellness solutions for educators, and their DNA mathematics course, among other solutions.

The Brooks Group – Sales

Sales are nearly always a high-growth industry that offers the potential for both significant personal challenges and rewards. It’s estimated that 14.3 million Americans currently work in sales-related jobs, even though the traditional beliefs that salespeople are less than trustworthy and that you are either born with or without the capability to be effective in this role have persisted.

However, professional-development programs based around the consultative sales approach like the one from The Brooks Group turn all those preconceptions on their head. Indeed, with their flexible, online, and interactive sales training program, you can learn a range of skills that will have you closing sales and creating long-term positive client relationships more easily.

Expect topics such as these to be covered in their curriculum:

  • Prospecting and pre-call planning
  • Consultative selling questioning,
  • Recommending solutions,
  • Closing

The engaging and interactive learning The Brooks Group offers across multiple devices will prepare you to smash any future sales targets repeatedly.

Cofense – Cyber Security Training

As businesses continue to embrace an online operations model, few growth industries compare to IT security. With the demand for information in today’s world, the security analysts industry is expected to grow a massive 33% from 2020 to 2030.

However, to succeed in a cyber security role, applicants will need plenty of training on how to deal with the most common threats, such as phishing and smishing, and a good knowledge of the general topic of cyber security.

Happily, there are training programs that can meet these needs, one of which is the package offered by Cofense – Cyber Security Training. Indeed, they provide interactive simulation programs like Cofense PhishMe™ that can help train you on how to deal with such threats in real life and a whole range of free modules covering common issues in cyber security.

NexTech Academy – Trades

If you are looking for a high-growth industry, then a trade such as plumbing, HVAC, or electrical could be just the thing. Of course, to succeed in such fields, you will need extensive technical expertise and the confidence to deal with customers daily, ensuring their needs are met, and your business receives first-class reviews.

The good news is that the professional-development programs available from NexTech Academy can provide the learner with all of these skills through its technical training options. Flexible in nature, NexTech Academy’s online courses can be done at your own pace, making them perfect for those who work or have family responsibilities to tend to while training.

NexTech Academy offers over 26 years of experience in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical trades, all of which convert into varied assignments combining practical and written and reading tasks to ensure the most thorough preparation for your new career.

Indeed, if you are looking for a course that builds your skills and your confidence to succeed in a new career, NexTech Academy’s HVAC, plumbing, and electrical offerings are well worth a look.

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