5 ways to get the most out of your staff

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When looking at improving your overall team’s performance it’s important to look at a number of different things. Not only should we be considering the different training courses on offer, but also the incentives that you should look at offering in order to keep your staff and employees on board and feeling satisfied. Below we’ve collated the 3 things you should be doing to get the most out of your staff and to continue progressing at a desirable speed.


  1. Incentives

Giving your employees incentives of why they should want to push and do well is a great way of boosting staff productivity levels. Whether you want to go large scale with days out, or, you want to simmer it down with more low key things the choice is yours. Think days out such as the races or paintballing, or for more small scale ideas think working up to rewards when targets are hit.

  1. Training & courses

It goes without saying that one of the main benefits you can get from your employees is around how skilled they are. One of the easiest ways you can improve your staff’s performance is through training courses. The better trained your staff are as a whole, the higher the success rate of your employees in general. Whether you want to create an apprenticeship scheme to get the most out of younger employees or you want to start hiring entry level staff members to train them up through their progression. Make sure you look at the specific career paths and options available to help benefit all of the staff in your business and get closer to your career goals.

  1. Set appropriate goals

In order to achieve goals and reach your targets, you need to make sure that the goals you’re setting are both achievable and realistic. If you’re setting barriers that your employees can’t get to, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to reach it and for your organisation to reap these benefits. This can then have a knock on effect on your employees in general and quickly demotivate them. Think about the opportunities you’re giving your employees, are they away of these? And how close are they to getting to them. Communication between yourself and your employees is key for the progression opportunities that your employees develop into.

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