5 Staffing Trends To Check Out In 2022

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Our world has been turned upside during the pandemic, not least in relation to business. Understandably, new trends in the realm of staffing and employee management have emerged. 

Whether launching a new business in 2022 or looking to get your existing firm back on track after an immensely difficult period, be sure to appreciate the trends below.

#1. Increased WFH & Hybrid Models

Temporary work from home models were forced upon many businesses around the globe in 2020 and 2021. While most workers now have the opportunity to come back to the office, many now demand that they can work from home for at least some of their contracted hours. Maria Crame of the NYTimes explains that many employees have “have found new heights of productivity away from meetings and office chitchat” while parents and eco-conscious workers can gain benefits from remote working.

The good news for employers is that it can lead to increased productivity and reduced operational costs. Hybrid work strategies are expected to soar.

#2. Improved Working Conditions

The main reason that people don’t want to return to the office is that they’ve realized that they deserve a better work-life balance. Over 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021 in what has been labeled ‘the great resignation’. If employers want to retain their best workers, they must create better working conditions. This can include better staff break room facilities, staff perks, improved pension plans or medical coverage, and more.

In return for cultivating a better company setting, though, employers should see increased productivity from their workers.

#3. Increased Internal Promotions

For the first time in a generation, the number of vacancies outweighs the number of candidates. It has created a candidate-driven market in which top candidates will look elsewhere. As the focus has shifted towards retention rather than acquisition, internal promotions will become a big trend. AkkenCloud’s CEO Giridhar Akkineni explains, “employees have worked to keep businesses afloat in recent times. Those who feel undervalued and underpaid will seek new opportunities. Yet, climbing the internal ladder is the most convenient solution.”

Firms that promote internally will be left with senior staff who understand the junior roles while their colleagues become more motivated by seeing that promotions are possible.

#4. A Rise In Data-Driven Decisions

Moreover, recruiters and HR teams will find that AI is the way to go in 2022. Over one-third of companies are prepared to take on remote workers from around the globe. Although it is a candidate-driven market, automated applications can mean that job posts attract hundreds of applications. AI helps filter through unsuitable or unqualified candidates. This can help narrow down the field while also supporting the desire to build an agile and diverse workforce.

Moreover, automation can be used to speed up the process of booking interview appointments and sending candidate communications.

#5. Flexibility For Employers & Employees

Finally, employers and employees accept that these are still unstable times. The landscape is changing due to social circumstances, tech advancements, and many other factors. Recruiters are using social media to find and interact with candidates. Employees are upskilling and taking on additional responsibilities. And most companies are willing to alter everything from their schedules to client interactions. Similarly, companies are more open to using outsourced services and contractors while workers are open to taking a self-employed path as long as it works for their circumstances.

Frankly, it is an exciting time for business owners and workers alike.

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