5 Smart Tips for Immigrants Looking to Break into the Corporate World

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Higher pay. Opportunities for growth. Respect in the workplace.

These are the sort of boxes that we all want ticked when it comes to our jobs, right?

Well, why should you expect anything less if you’re an immigrant?

No matter where you used to call “home,” corporate opportunities are out there expats who have relevant experience and aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. This is especially true in the United States where many companies are absolutely desperate for workers of all shapes and sizes across many lucrative industries.

That said, many immigrants are rightfully nervous about taking that leap. To help ensure that you take the right steps on your path toward a new career, here are five quick pointers to make the process go smoothly.

Don’t Shy Away from Your Background

First thing’s first: don’t obsess over “Americanizing” yourself or hiding your background because you think it’ll make you fit in with other candidates. With some prejudices might exist, bear in mind that your background can oftentimes serve as a strength rather than a weakness. This is especially true as more companies are striving for a more diverse workplace.

As such, let your background be what sets you apart from the pack.

Maybe you’re responsible for sending money back to your family abroad. Perhaps you had a difficult journey getting here.

These details instantly make you seem more compelling in an interview setting and could very well help you land a job.

Tailor Your Resume to Your Job

This tip is an obvious one but it bears repeating. Although it might seem easier to rely on a one-size-fits-all resume, taking the time to highlight relevant details and buzzwords instantly makes your resume more attractive at a glance. Piggybacking on the last tip, don’t forget to detail relevant experience you’ve had internationally whether it be schooling or previous jobs.

Conduct a Mock Interview or Two

Mock interviews with friends and family re especially for those who aren’t native English speakers.

Going over standard hiring questions does double duty of preparing you for a real interview likewise practicing colloquialisms you might actually use on the day. Just remember that you can’t prepare for every question and don’t panic if you have to take a step back to think of a response.

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Sort Out Your Work Visa

Whether it’s H-1, L-1 visa or anything else in-between, the different types of work visas can be confusing for employers and HR professionals alike. While they might take a bit of research yourself to figure out 100%, knowing what you need and likewise having your paperwork squared away from the word “go” will make it much easier to get onboarded in the first place.

Clean Up Your Online Presence

Pop quiz: what your potential employer find if they Googled you or looked you up on Facebook?

If you’re not 100% confidence you’d like what they’d see, make sure to take action. Making your profiles private is a smart move, but it’s not the only thing you can do to clean up your online presence. Consider how filling out a LinkedIn profile or answering questions on Quora using your name can give you a professional boost in the eyes of an employing research you.

And in closing, just remember: here’s a compelling case that immigrants make for better workers in the long-run. Despite popular belief, scoring a gig in the corporate world is more than possible for expats and immigrants who take a proactive approach to job hunting. These tips will help you do exactly that in your pursuit of a better career abroad.

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