If you’re new to the job market, or perhaps embarking on an entirely new career, you will know how difficult it is to set aside some disposable income. You may think the ever rising cost of train fares, house rents and even your standard supermarket meal deal mean that holidays are a distant dream based your rather mediocre starting wage. However, all is not lost – with the popularity of the all-inclusive increasing in the market, a budget escape may yet be within your reach with services like Chase Travel. Given the great many travel agents and online deals available, as well as the ability to pay up-front for necessities such as drinks, food and entertainment, it seems that all-inclusive is often the best and most frugal way in which to holiday.


Aside from self-catering there are of course the options to go half board or full board. But whilst these options can appear to save you money at the time it isn’t usually until you arrive at your destination that you suddenly become aware that that extra spending money soon begins to deplete as you and your family begin to unwind and enjoy themselves.


It’s usually thanks to the odd drink or two at the standard hotel prices that soon begin to add up. But with all-inclusive holidays the hotels typically include local alcoholic beverages and even spirits as part of the deal meaning after an entertaining night you could be saving a small fortune each evening.


With a half board and full board trip you will get some of your meals served to you for gratis in the hotel where you’re staying. But it’s those pesky snacks in between that can soon add up especially if you’re a larger family with lots of mouths to feed. If you end up buying a handful of crisps, nuts, fruit or ice-creams each day for the whole family then you could soon be out of pocket whereas hotel snacks are included in an all-inclusive option.


Dependent on your destination you may even find some extra bonuses. Some hotels and resorts will offer their all-inclusive customers special free activities or classes within the hotel or even discounts on their excursions.



If you’re particularly stress-prone around the holiday season an all-inclusive holiday could be just the ticket you need. As well as that looming feeling that you need to have everything prepared (including that pesky hand-over sheet to your boss!) stress can often lead from a feeling of indecisiveness when booking your trip. Endlessly flicking through travel brochures or spinning a globe are two options, but another is to take an interactive travel quiz. Alpharooms.com have developed such an all-inclusive tool that lets you find both your perfect destination and board base from a list of optional travel preferences. Armed with such information, you’ll eager to get away on your all-inclusive trip giving you time to do nothing but sit back, relax and enjoy your well-earned holiday.

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