4 Ways to Change Careers Without Forsaking Your Current Life

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New Year, New Career

Are you tired of your job? Does it lack opportunities for advancement or is it simply not what you want to do with your life? January is a particularly popular time for people to think about finding a new job. This year, rather than just switching jobs, it could be the right time to consider branching out into a new career. Here are career options that don’t require a lot of specialize education and that you can even start without quitting your current job.

  1. Martial Arts Instructor

If you like to remain active and healthy, consider a job where you won’t be stuck behind a desk. One option is becoming a martial arts instructor. While becoming a personal trainer is popular, there are already seemingly countless trainers at every gym competing for clients. Martial arts instructors are much less common and have more specialized skills.

Martial arts instructor certification ensure that you’ll combine martial arts knowledge with teaching skills. Martial arts instruction has the advantage that students tend to be loyal and continue going to classes at the same studio for years. Instructors can start out small with a few students or teaching a few days per week and then expand later.

  1. Bakers & Chefs

If you love food and enjoy creating, that could be a great launching place for your next career. There are excellent schools where you can learn culinary skills to work in a professional kitchen. Skills can also be developed during your free time.

Options for starting your new career part time include providing baking services, catering, and prepared meal services. Operating a food truck is a popular way to put culinary skills to use. Starting part time can be a great way to build skills while you get a better understanding of the market. Begin with friends’ birthday parties or provide samples at your next gathering. This should help you to build a client base as word spreads of your accomplishments.

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  1. Arts & Crafts

If your creative skills are focused on less edible areas, consider art or the trades. You can put your skills and creatively to work, part-time, while you grow your business. While people often simply think of the fine arts, there are many other creative outlets that can provide a more-reliable income. Refinishing furniture, creating toys or other gifts for the home, and other artistic efforts can be a great starting point for your own business. Woodworking or other classes could help develop your skill set and open up opportunities for you to start a new career.

  1. Online

There are many options for online careers. Being able to work online can have the advantage of providing career options wherever you are. Writing, designing websites, blogging, and teaching English are among the options. Designing flyers and other marketing materials are other flexible jobs that can be performed online or through email and the telephone.

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