4 Ways to Be Proactive About Finances During the Senior Years

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There is nothing more certain in life than death and taxes. You can always expect a tariff bill from the government, and end of life will eventually come despite your efforts to ward it off. You can wallow in the reality of every new age inching you closer to the inevitable, or you can enjoy the golden years that you have by staying one step ahead in finances. Here are four ways that you can get tend to your business affairs after retirement.

  1. Be proactive about social security

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is designed to save the government money. You should, therefore, not expect the department to point out mistakes that cost you thousands. Consider all of your options before deciding just to take the money and run. Accepting a lump sum of cash from the administration may not be the best fit for your situation.

  1. Think ahead

Many Baby Boomers want to focus on the here and now to avoid the inevitable. Consider yourself fifteen or even twenty years down the road and make financial plans accordingly. Perhaps you would need to downsize to maintain your independence at home. Maybe an assisted living community would better suit your needs. Whatever you decide, it is important to make sure that you have plans for the future that include monthly costs for housing, food, transportation and other essential services.

  1. Have a full grasp on what you own

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You cannot accurately make financial plans for the golden years without understanding what you own. Make a list of all stocks and bonds along with other stakes in retirement businesses that you have started as a means to make more extra money in your post-career life. You should especially take control of pension plans that you may have scattered across various jobs since such disorganization can cost you thousands. Talking with a financial advisor is the best way to get a full grasp on all of your assets.

  1. Have a talk with your adult children and other family members

The worse thing that you can do is leave the kids and other close loved ones in the dark regarding finances. You should have a candid discussion with your family after discovering what you own compared with how much debt remains. It is a severe disservice for you to hide pertinent information from your loved ones. Such is especially the case of you failing to inform your adult children of wealth that may be used to care for you in the instance of you becoming disabled. Discovering that you have a life insurance policy that is worth millions after your loved ones have taken out loans is not the ideal time for them to learn of your riches.

You do not have to engage in the discussion of death to ensure that you live a comfortable life during the golden years. Having your finances in order is the key to being prepared for retirement and the golden years that follow.

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