4 Secrets to Achieving Work-Life Balance

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Being able to find a balance between work and life is in today’s world a difficult nut to crack. Times have changed so much that leaving the office doesn’t necessarily mean leaving work, because you find yourself working even at home – not being able to switch off can lead to a very stressful life.

There is a need to, therefore, bring in some flexibility and balance so that your personal life doesn’t suffer for it. As much as work needs to be done, personal activities should not be overlooked.

How can you manage both worlds without going crazy? We have uncovered a few tips that should help.

Set Aside Work Hours

Here’s the thing, if you don’t create a schedule or plan your time for work you will end up working all the time. Some people work late into the night only to resume work again in the morning, leading to a very unhealthy work/life balance. If not for anything, you should use that time to get some rest.

To effectively plan your time, put it down in black and white and commit to it. This timeline should include all your activities at work and personal activities too. Allot timeframes to each and do your best to stay committed. Things are more easily achieved when there is a plan.

Take Some Personal Time

All work and no life can be disastrous, not just to you but also to those who care about you. You really don’t want to spend your whole life working and ignore all the things that matter. Like family. And you. Life is much bigger than the job you do, so make the most of it.

What is life if it is not in some way fun and exciting? You can’t really get that by always being stuck at work, it’s by doing other things like travelling, meeting new people, going on vacation with your family, and possibly finding a soul mate.

Start now to plan something special for yourself that is separate from work. You need that balance.

Take Breaks during Work Days

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The fact our brains can work round-the-clock doesn’t mean we should let them. In fact, going on and on without taking your mind off things every once in a while can mess up performance.

Use your breaks to have lunch, organise your life admin tasks, stretch your muscles, check in with a friend, give your eyes a break from looking at a screen (if you work a lot with computers), and so on. Just do anything, apart from work, that helps ease the stress.

Benefit from Technology

Technology affords you the opportunity to do more without necessarily putting in as much effort. For instance, if you have a meeting that requires you to take a 2-hour drive, how about using a tool like Skype instead to strike off the time, resources, and effort it would take you to commute?

Also, be wary of how addictive and detrimental technology can be. When you’re home, try as much as possible to keep your gadgets out of the way and focus on your family.


Author and Chief Executive of Business Talent Group, Jody Greenstone Miller says “If you want balance –and not everybody does – you have to force yourself to edit yourself personally and professionally.” It takes effort and commitment to strike that balance and you’re the only one who can do it. Give it your best shot.

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