3 Things to do in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico has long been a favorite vacation spot for many people. Because it is so close to the United States those living on the East Coast can be at a tropical paradise in just a couple of hours. Puerto Rico has the warm climate, friendly people and great atmosphere that make it a great place for you to go to with family and friends for a long weekend or a weeklong adventure. When you are beginning to put your trip together, naturally you will want to think about different things that you can do while there. While you may want to spend time enjoying the beach, here are three places you may want to consider checking out during your stay:

  • Bio BayYou may not be familiar with Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico but it is certainly something that you do not want to miss. The bay provides you with one of the most unique experiences you will have anywhere at any time. Bio Bay is filled with millions of microorganisms in the water. While you may not be able to see them during the day or under normal circumstances, when you venture out into the bay at night you will get to experience and amazing light show under the water. When the organisms are stirred up by motion they glow in radiant colors.
  • El Yunque Rainforest For those that have a great love of the outdoors, going to El Yunque Rainforest may be the chance of a lifetime. You will get to go out into a real rainforest and experience the atmosphere and climate for yourself. You can take a guided tour through the rainforest so you can learn about its history and see all of the best locations in the forest. You will get the chance to see amazing plants and trees, many different species of birds and other living creatures and see fabulous waterfalls.
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  • Bacardi Factory If you are going to Puerto Rico, a trip to the Bacardi Rum Factory is an absolute must. Even for those that may not be rum drinkers the Bacardi brand and factory are so famous that you do not want to pass up a chance to see what it is all about. You can tour the facility, learn about the history of Bacardi on the island, see the rum making process for yourself and taste some of the rum that makes Bacardi so special.

You will find on your trip to Puerto Rico that you may not have enough time to see all of the great places on the island. That is why you want to look at things to do in Puerto Rico and then arrange some tours with Go Tours Puerto Rico. You can set up tours to all of the best places on the island and be taken around by experienced guides in comfortable vehicles. This will let you see and do all of the things people love the best about Puerto Rico.

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