What to Remember When Buying Travel Insurance for Your Gap Year

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You might be thinking of taking that gap year from your studies to cool off or find the time to execute some plans. Guess what? You are not the only one; tens of thousands of students are planning to do the same.

It is for this reasons that insurance companies decided to come up with policies specifically for you ‘gappers.’ If you are going to travel the world, you need to buy travel insurance. This cover is very crucial in that it ensures you do not suffer while in another country without a helper. You can learn about the types of help that you can receive while on travel from Snowbirds Travel Insurance.

This article is dedicated to assisting you in choosing the best insurance for your trip. Here is what to remember when buying travel insurance for your gap year:

Age Limit

If you peruse most of the available travel insurance policies in the market, you will realize that about 90 percent set 18 years as the minimum age. In rare cases, though, you will find others that set it at between 16 and 19. The maximum allowed ages also vary from 35 to 90 years. Therefore, make sure you are within the allowed age bracket.


Overseas Duration

Apart from your age, you must decide how long you will be on the gap year before buying the travel insurance. Most policy lengths are between 1 month and a whole year. Only in very rare cases will you find policies beyond one year. You should, therefore, determine your duration of stay before choosing the insurance provider.


Students are curious and fun-loving individuals. In short, during the trip, they will need to stop at different places and explore the world. However, only some travel insurance covers allow stop-overs. The rest are strict and exclude themselves when the client decides to take a different route to the stipulated destination. You must make it clear to the insurance provider of your intended routes so you can be covered appropriately.

Disturbed Zones

Please inquire from the provider whether they cover you when you travel to war zones or troubled areas. This is because, in many cases, they do not. Second, if you are going to such places, be sure to choose a travel insurance that will cover you. Your safety should precede all else.

Have fun with your travels!

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