What are the research topics in corporate financial management?

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Organisations, today, are moving towards more structured functioning, with a focus on carefully designing the operations of each core function. Since finance plays a major role in the success of a business, it is essential that the organisation has a sturdy finance department, with little or no gaps. This has also led to an increase in the need for skilled finance professionals who can make a significant contribution to the decision-making processes within an organisation. 

More students are steering their careers in the direction of acquiring a professional degree in corporate financial management to learn skills that are relevant to the global business environment of today. A degree in corporate finance allows you to gain extensive knowledge and practical skills concerned with the capital structure of a corporation and how it can be used to increase the value of an organisation.

A major part of the corporate financial management degree is the research and dissertation project that allows you to become familiar with the practical implications of the theoretical knowledge gained during the course of the programme. If you are currently pursuing a corporate finance degree, you must be wondering which would be the perfect research topic for your dissertation project. Well, here are some of the best research topics that you can choose for your corporate financial management degree.  

Best research topics for corporate financial management

While most of the finance dissertation projects are concerned with accounting management, corporate investment and governance, given below are some carefully picked ideas that represent innovation in corporate financial management.

Effects of digitalisation on firm value and performance: In this research project, you can analyse the influence that digital technologies have had on the economic performance and value of non-tech organisations. These digital technologies can include Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing and big data. You can shed light on how the incorporation of digital technologies have grown in the past few decades and whether the inclusion has benefitted the organisation in terms of revenue, performance and growth. 

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Corporate sustainability and its effects: Students who take up this idea for their dissertation project can focus on the varying sustainability practices being adopted by organisations and how they impact the performance. You can research about the strategic practices implemented by organisations and how they are increasingly converging to certain common sustainability practices. The study of corporate sustainability practices adopted by different organisations can help you determine how businesses can use it to acquire a competitive advantage over their contemporaries. 

Impact of stock market on corporate decision-making: While stock markets reflect real-world business occurrences, the vice-versa is also true. The fluctuations in the stock market directly impact an organisation’s decision making. In this research thesis, you can focus on analysing how financial markets influence economy, investments and other economy-related aspects. While financial markets might be considered a subsidiary of organisations, you can focus on how significant financial markets are, independently. 

The above-mentioned ideas can be productive and interesting as a research project as they focus on unconventional sections of corporate financial management. However, before you decide on the dissertation topic, ensure that you conduct extensive research to understand its scope and significance. So, put on your research glasses and start working on the next big idea!  

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